Maron Leltoy

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Maron Leltoy
Race Vestal
Gender Female
First appearance Revenge of the Vexos
Voiced by Tae Okajima (Japanese)
Alyson Court (English)

Maron Leltoy (Japanese version: Maron Rich (マロン・リッチ, Maron Ritchi?)) is Baron Leltoy's younger sister.


She lives with her family on Vestal and is the second oldest of the Leltoy siblings. Despite being the second child, she seems to have a large age gap with Baron. Maron is still a child at heart, shown as despite all of the danger, she came to visit her brother without second thought. She was really happy about going to the park alongside her brother, and becomes worried when Baron left home. Maron was Baron's pride and encouragement as she seems to be one of the very few that truly admire him.

When she was saved by Shun, she was shown to blush and became really touched, as she quickly idolizes Shun as much as she idolizes Baron, and seems to see him as her hero.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia[edit]

She makes her first appearance with Baron's other siblings and appears to show some worry to Baron before he left to meet with Ace after he lost to Prince Hydron. She appeared again when Baron and the rest of the Resistance had to leave for Earth.[1]

Maron uses the Dimension Transporter to visit Baron on Earth. When she arrives, Baron takes her to an amusement park where she showed a lot of excitement. While Baron was showing her how to use a Gauntlet, they accidentally ended up in a battle against Volt, who was battling Shun. After joining the battle, Maron watches from a safe distance until some of the attacks landed near her. When she was falling from her lookout post Shun saved her. Before Maron goes through the portal back to Vestal, she gives Shun a kiss on the cheek for saving her.[2]


In the Japanese special ending in the finale, Maron and Baron play soccer with their other siblings when Baron accidentally kicks the ball into Ace. As Ace chases down Baron, the rest of his siblings are running alongside them.


  • Aside from Baron, her siblings' names are allegedly, from oldest to youngest: Biron, Buron, Beron, Boron, and Miron.[3]
    • Maron is the second-youngest of her siblings, just older than Miron.