Volt Luster

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Volt Luster
Race Vestal
Age 19 (New Vestroia)
Gender Male
Brawling Information
Main attribute Haos Haos
Partner Bakugan Mega Brontes (Former)
Boriates (Presumed Destroyed)
First appearance Invasion of the Vestals
Voiced by Tomoaki Maeno (Japanese)
Carter Hayden (English)
A brawler's fate is decided in the battle. That's how the Vexos do it.

Volt Luster (ヴォルト・ラスター, Voruto Rasuta?) is the Haos brawler for the Vexos, the antagonists of Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia. The most honorable of their ranks, Volt often finds himself at odds with his own group, but continues to work with them against the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance nonetheless.

His Partner Bakugan was Mega Brontes in the first arc before Mylene Farrow threw it (along with her Macubass) out, and he acquired the Mechanical Bakugan Boriates for the second arc. His Bakugan Traps are Hexstar and Dynamo.



Despite his bulky and gruff appearance, Volt is far from a dumb brute (despite Mira Fermin's claims) and is, in fact, one of the most pleasant of the Vexos to deal with. Unlike the others, he respects his opponents and displays honor despite his view of brawling as a method of survival, refusing to brawl Dan Kuso after the latter's match against Spectra Phantom and forgoing the tricks and traps the others unflinchingly resorted to.

Volt is calm and level-headed, has a good read on his opponents, and never thinks of himself as the best. Volt also loves his family deeply, and he once had a happy family with his siblings, though their fates are unknown. Despite the Vexos' claims that Bakugan were toys without feelings, Volt is not only aware of the truth, but in fact cares about his former partner, Brontes. Because of this, he pursues Gus in a rage upon seeing Alto Brontes' forced evolution.

Despite his loyalty to the Vexos—which is suggested to stem from Hydron saving him in the past—he had doubts about Zenoheld's Alternative Weapon System, as he believed it too cruel to punish those who had never harmed the Vexos. Because of this, and Zenoheld's insane plans to destroy Vestal and Earth, Volt chose to leave the Vexos and return to Vestal, fully knowing he would be marked as a traitor.

While Volt was grateful for everything Hydron had done for him, he, like Mylene Farrow, calls him a "spoiled brat" after Hydron said he wants to crush anyone who opposed him.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia[edit]

Volt debuts with Lync as the first two members of the Vexos that Dan fights. The two are defeated by Dan and Mira, and Volt loses Haos Freezer in the process.[1] He reappears with Lync in Alpha City, facing Ace and Shun in the tournament finals. After the two of them lose once again, the Dimension Controller is destroyed.[2]

When the Resistance is split up due to Runo Misaki's appearance in New Vestroia causing Dan, Mira, and Baron to travel back to Earth, Mylene splits up the rest of the Resistance and sends Volt to battle Marucho.[3] Volt wins, taking him hostage, though the effort is for naught after Spectra frees the hostages for Mira's sake.

During Underground Take Down and Wall To Wall Brawl, He later faces off against Baron in Gamma City in a one-on-one where he was defeated. After the battle, Volt compliments Baron for winning and lets him go.[4][5] For her and Volt's constant failures, however, Mylene pins the blame on their organic Bakugan and throws Macubass and Brontes out without waiting for Volt's input, angering him. He later decides to side with Hydron and escapes back to Vestal without Spectra or Gus.[6]

In between the first and second arcs, Volt fled along with the rest of the royal family and the Vexos when the Resistance revealed their lies about the Bakugan. To escape the revolting Vestals, they took off on the Vexos Motherpalace into space.

When Volt is about to challenge Dan for the Pyrus attribute energy, Spectra and Gus swoop in to claim the battle. Though Volt was not going to stand for it, he halts when he sees Brontes in Gus's hands, and is puzzled when Brontes does not say anything. Gus tells him the truth: Gus and Spectra forced Brontes to evolve into Alto Brontes using a Forbidden Card called 'Chaos Ability X' and while doing so, they had sucked the soul out of him.[7]

Enraged, Volt later seeks out Gus to get Brontes back, but also hesitates to hurt his former partner. During the brawl, Gus questions Volt's loyalty to Zenoheld even knowing about Bakugan Termination System, and gives an offer for him to work with the renegade Vexos. When Volt refuses, Gus defeats him and afterwards throws out Brontes, leaving the two to never be reunited.[8]

In an attempt to claim the Ventus energy, Volt traveled to Earth and disguised himself as a samurai for a new attraction at an amusement park. After Shun left the tower, Volt located him and challenged him to battle. Although they were evenly matched, Volt had the upper hand until Baron showed up to help, after which Volt lost and retreated.[9] He eventually claims it in a rematch alongside Mylene, when the Resistance raided the Motherpalace only to walk into their trap field that prevented Mechanical Bakugan from losing.[10]

After the destruction of the BT System, Zenoheld and Clay Fermin unveil their final solution: the Alternative Weapon System, designed to destroy both Earth and Vestal. Unable to tolerate their extremes any longer, Volt decides to leave the ground despite Mylene's warning. He returns to his original home in Vestal, only to find it abandoned and in ruins—whether this happened before he joined the Vexos or after is unknown, though it is suggested that Hydron "saved" him from a rough childhood. After meeting a boy who was still a fan of his despite everything that had happened, he runs into Hydron, who was sent to dispose of him.

There, he brawls him and Dryoid, and wins using a special function that allows Boriates to keep getting stronger and prevents him from turning back to Ball Form after battle. Volt has Boriates attack Hydron that would land a fatal blow, but purposely misses to send a warning not to come back. Unable to bear the idea of a loss, Hydron uses a Death Bomb to send Volt to the ends of the dimension. Volt tries to take Hydron with him by grabbing his leg but Hydron was able to get away in time. Before he was sucked in, Volt warned Hydron he would eventually pay for what he has done and for all the people he's hurt.[11]

In the introduction of Payback Volt was mentioned by Hydron when he narrated about how he tried to take the latter with him. He later appeared in the flashback of Lync's when Zenoheld told the Vexos about the Alternative Weapon System. Professor Clay mentioned Volt when he told Lync whenever happens to him could be "child's play" compare to Lync's fate. Hydron would later mentioned Volt when he told Lync he made a mistake of testing his patience. He was mentioned again by Lync when he recalled Hydron eliminated the latter and coming after him.

After Volt's doom, he is mentioned by several other characters, mostly in reference to his elimination.[12][13] After Hydron comes to realize the fruitlessness of his efforts, Volt and Lync (whom Hydron disposed of after Volt) appear to him in a dream, telling him to defeat and dethrone his father.[14] He is last mentioned by Hydron, right before the Alternative Weapon System explodes: "Volt, Lync... I'll be there... soon."[15]


Volt is a Haos Brawler. He was the last Vexos to obtain a Mechanical Bakugan, but the first to get a Mechanical Bakugan Trap.

Brawling Record[edit]

Though Volt has an unremarkable brawling record, with more losses than victories, many of his losses (particularly in the second arc) were circumstantial.

Against Gus, he held back to avoid hurting Brontes and easily handled Hexados, while Shun and Baron outnumbered him and he outperformed both of them individually. He also handily won against Hydron, one of the Vexos' strongest brawlers in the second arc, even before he activated the Custom Battle Ability. After he did, he crushed Hydron with little effort.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia
Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Dan Kuso and Mira Fermin (tag with Lync) 1 Lose
Shun Kazami and Ace Grit (tag with Lync) 9 Lose
Marucho Marukura 14 Win
Baron Leltoy 2223 Lose
Gus Grav 33 Lose
Shun Kazami and Baron Leltoy 36 Lose
Shun Kazami and Baron Leltoy (tag with Mylene) 40 Win (due to Trap Field)
Hydron 46 Win


  • In the Japanese dub of the first episode, rather than calling Volt "the big guy with no brains", she instead calls him "The Greatest Haos Battler, the Light Demon Volt Luster" (ルミナ最強のバトラ 光の悪魔 ヴォルト・ラスター, Rumina Saikyou no Battora, Hikari no Akuma Boruto Rasuta?).
  • Volt is often paired with Lync; it isn't clear whether they're either good friends, find each other to be good Bakugan tag team partners, or have some other reason.
  • In "Samurai Showdown", Volt and Shun acted as if they'd never met despite battling against each other in the tournament finals. This may be because they both treated the tournament as a one-off thing and didn't bother remembering each other in detail.
    • The samurai outfit he wears during that episode has Haos symbols on both sides of his chest.
  • Volt was the first antagonist in New Vestroia to be killed off, and the first member of the Vexos to turn good. (Spectra and Gus, though they left the Vexos, continue acting as rogue agents until later.)
  • Volt's last name, Luster, means something that is bright and shiny, a possible reference to Volt's Haos element.
  • Of the original Vexos members, Volt and Spectra are the oldest at age 19.
  • Volt is the only member of the original Vexos to actually defeat Hydron entirely, as Shadow and Mylene had disappeared, and Lync lost to Hydron in Payback, an episode after his battle against Hydron. Spectra easily defeated Hydron, but didn't empty his life gauge.