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Chara hydron.png
Race Vestal
Age 16 (New Vestroia)
Gender Male
Brawling Information
Main attribute Subterra Subterra
Partner Bakugan Dryoid
First appearance Invasion of the Vestals
Voiced by Sōichirō Hoshi (Japanese)
Lyon Smith (English)
I've forgotten how peaceful Vestal can be. Everyone is so happy and carefree. Well, I guess that's about to change.

Prince Hydron (ハイドロン, Haidoron?) is a major antagonist in Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia. He is introduced in the first arc as King Zenoheld's only son, the Prince of Vestal, the leader of New Vestroia, and the commander of the Vexos. He possessed the petrified statues of five of the Six Soldiers that saved Vestroia: Tigrerra, Gorem, Preyas, Skyress, and Hydranoid. His initial goal in the first half of the season was to "complete his collection" by getting his hands on Drago.

In the second arc, after Spectra and Gus' defection, Hydron became the Vexos' new Subterra brawler, using Dryoid as his Partner Bakugan. He quickly proves to be a powerful brawler in his own right—but his successes are short-lived as Vexos begins to fracture from within.



At his introduction, Hydron is spoiled and bratty, only caring about completing his collection of petrified Bakugan. This is pointed out by other Vexos members, much to his anger. His callousness and ruthlessness is fully shown in the second arc, not caring who or what he hurts as long as he achieves his objectives; his response to Dan Kuso after hurting Mira Fermin by blowing her away with his attack is "Boy. Girl. All I see is brawler."[1] Unlike most of the Vexos, Hydron seemed to have no problem with the Alternative Weapon System, even though it would destroy the universe.

The only thing he ever displays a tender care for is Dryoid; he believes in Dyroid's ability to overcome Zenoheld's Farbros' Land Pressure, and Dryoid in turn seems to be capable of some degree of partnership despite being a Mechanical Bakugan.[2]

Like his father, he is shown not to take slights well: he freaks out upon losing to Volt Luster, and uses a Death Bomb to "win" by removing Volt from existence.[3] However, Hydron despises those that acknowledge him only for being Zenoheld's son, or the implication that he is weaker than his father, which Gus takes advantage of to goad him into a fight.[4]

In spite of this, most of Hydron's actions are largely motivated by a desire to be acknowledged by his father and prove his worth. When Zenoheld brushes off Hydron's accomplishments and tells him to stop bothering him, Hydron reaches his tipping point. He ultimately decides to oppose his father, even going as far as to ensure Zenoheld's death at the cost of his own life.


Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia[edit]

Hydron is introduced in the first arc as the bratty and spoiled prince of Vestal and ruler of New Vestroia. He has the Vexos capture the Six Fighting Bakugan, the Battle Brawlers' Bakugan from the previous season, so he can keep them as statues. Prideful and haughty, his constant demands make his top brawler, Spectra, decide to usurp him and makes Mylene Farrow view him with disdain. Though he is somewhat aware that Spectra is plotting something behind his back and employs Lync Volan to spy on Spectra, he is nonetheless shocked to discover Spectra's true colors.

At the end of the first arc, with the Dimension Controllers destroyed and the Vestals' failure to keep New Vestroia evident, Mylene conspires with Hydron to pin the blame on Spectra. It is only with this plan that he allows himself to get led away to Vestal with the remaining Vexos members, as he would otherwise face his father's wrath.[5]

In between the first and second arcs, the royal family and the Vexos were forced to abandon Vestal after Mira, Ace, and Baron revealed the truth behind Bakugan and exposed their crimes. Although his royal title was stripped away as a result, Hydron didn't seem terribly resentful about it.

After this, Hydron becomes the Vexos' new Subterra brawler while his father became its Pyrus brawler. His first mission sent him to Vestal to get the Haos attribute energy for the Bakugan Termination System. Though he took his sweet time doing so, even going out of his way to buy sunglasses, he challenged Baron to a brawl for the Haos Energy, who readily agreed. He quickly showed off his brawling prowess by swiftly defeating Saint Nemus and Piercian with only Dryoid.[6]

Upon his return to the Vexos Motherpalace, Mylene chides him for not working on his stealth, afraid he may have alerted the other Brawlers. However, he shrugs it off as her jealousy towards him for claiming the first attribute. Though she was angered by this, she didn't question him further.

He develops the plan to lure Dan and the rest of the Resistance back to Earth by having Shadow Prove defeat Alice Gehabich. This way, Hydron would be able to defeat Dan and take the Pyrus energy.[7] Though Shadow succeeds in defeating Alice despite Chan Lee's assistance, the plan doesn't exactly come to fruition, and Hydron and Shadow instead face Marucho Marukura, Preyas, and Minx Elfin. Though they technically lost, they succeeded in obtaining the Aquos energy from Elfin, much to Hydron's delight as he later gloats to himself over how irritated Mylene would be over his victories.[8]

During the Resistance's attack on the Motherpalace, he and Zenoheld battle Dan, Mira, and Spectra. Though he wins against Mira and knocks her unconscious, he loses against Dan and Spectra. Zenoheld carries the rest of the battle to victory and obtains the Pyrus energy, but Farbros was damaged in the process. Zenoheld becomes immensely angry at Hydron for his loss and grabs him by the collar, only becoming appeased after Mylene blames Clay Fermin for creating Dryoid with the weaknesses that lead to the failure.[1]

Things only continue going downhill for Hydron from there. After looking down on the rest of the Vexos' remaining members and angering Volt by telling him to be "a good little doggie," he is dealt his first complete loss at Volt's hands when he is sent to punish Volt for betraying the Vexos. Unable to handle the thought of losing, he uses a Death Bomb on Volt to send him into another dimension. Though he is nearly dragged in himself, upon Volt's disappearance, Hydron screams "I defeated him! ...I won!"[3]

When Lync follows in Volt's footsteps and leaves for Earth with the blueprints for the Alternative in hand, Zenoheld sends him to dispose of Lync as well. They clash in front of Alice's house and though Lync initially feigns innocence, Hydron noticed Alice and realized she was the reason for Lync's betrayal. Hydron mocks Lync over his feelings, saying it was a "shame" she would "turn to dust" after the completion of the Alternative. Lync retorts that Hydron is the one who should "turn to dust," and goes on to claim his only motivation was to win his father's approval. While Hydron is infuriated by the remark and denies it, angrily using a Death Bomb on Lync after defeating him in a brawl, Lync's words end up hitting closer than he was willing to acknowledge. When Hydron returns with news of his success, he ends up hurt and confused when Zenoheld, instead of praising him, roughly dismisses him and tells him to stop being a bother.[9]

At some point afterwards, Mylene's flashback reveals that he threatened her with the fear of "dealing with her" the way he did Lync and Volt.[10] This never comes to pass, however, as she and Shadow disappear together after she uses a Death Bomb in Bakugan Interspace, causing it to collapse with them still inside.

With the Vexos' numbers thinned down to only Zenoheld, Hydron, and Clay, Hydron faces the full brunt of his father's wrath. Infuriated with Hydron's failure to retrieve the Phantom Data, Zenoheld has Hydron tortured with The Agonizer as punishment. Hydron dreams of Lync of Volt telling him he should be king instead of Zenoheld, leading him to challenge his father in a brawl. Though he held the upper-hand throughout the battle and proves a stronger brawler, because he held back in hopes that his strength would be acknowledged, he ends up losing and is thrown into the dungeons along with Gus, who had previously lost to Zenoheld as well.[2]

In prison, Gus goads him into a brawl by calling him Zenoheld's lapdog. By throwing Dryoid and Rex Vulcan, their full sizes are able to break through their cells, allowing them to escape.[4] He then fights alongside the Resistance to defeat his father once and for all, using Dryoid to land the final blow on Farbros and trap Zenoheld within it to keep him from escaping. As the Alternative is about to self-destruct, Hydron looks up and utters his final words: "Volt... Lync... I'll be there... soon."[11]


Brawling Record[edit]

Hydron has a relatively good brawling, winning 4/7 of his brawls.

Bakugan Battle Brawlers: New Vestroia
Opponent Episode Outcome
Baron Leltoy 28 Win
Marucho Marukura (Tag with Shadow) 35 Lose
Dan Kuso, Mira Fermin, and Spectra Phantom (Tag with Zenoheld) 41 Win
Volt Luster 46 Lose
Lync Volan 47 Win
Zenoheld 49 Lose
Zenoheld (Tag with the Resistance) 50-52 Win


  • Hydron and his father are the only Vexos members with no known surname. This is likely due to their status as royalty.
  • He has a habit of twirling a lock on his hair.
  • He and Masquerade share the same English and Japanese voice actors.
  • Hydron is the only brawler to defeat Zenoheld in a brawl in the first round.
  • Hydron holds the second-highest kill count in the Battle Brawlers series, the first being Barodius.
  • He and Nurzak have slight similarities: both are Subterra brawlers who turn against their leaders and faced them alone in their first brawls. Both won the first round by using special tactics, but eventually were outmatched, and both joined the Brawlers in the final fight against said leaders.