BT: The Final Battle

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BT: The Final Battle
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Season Bakugan: New Vestroia
Episode No. 41
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BT: The Final Battle is the 41st episode of Bakugan: New Vestroia. It aired on March 13, 2010.


Spectra offers Professor Clay a place by his side, and the secret to Bakugan DNA. However, Dr. Clay remains loyal to Zenoheld and declares that he and Spectra are no longer father and son. A battle soon begins between Hydron and Dan and Mira, just as Spectra arrives to fight alongside Dan. Mira is quickly taken out just as the others arrive too late to warn Dan about the Palace sending power to Mechanical Bakugan. Spectra brings out his Battle Gear for Helios and easily takes down Hydron, prompting Zenoheld to enter battle. Despite their power together, Zenoheld overpowers them with a last resort power transfer and takes the Pyrus Attribute Energy, making the BT System fully operational. Fortunately, Farbros is completely destroyed in the process. With the BT System fully activated, the fate of New Vestroia's residents are grim.

Major events[edit]

  • Professor Clay declines Spectra's offer for a place at his side.
  • Dan and Mira are challenged to a battle by Hydron on the trap arena, but are joined by Spectra.
  • Dan, Mira, and Spectra begin a 3-on-1 battle with Hydron and Zenoheld.
  • Mira is knocked out and removed from the battle early on.
  • Spectra reveals that he has a new system, Battle Gear, which can attach to a Bakugan and act as weaponry.
  • Spectra unveils his Battle Gear for Helios, Twin Destructor.
  • Zenoheld enters Hydron's battle with Dan and Spectra.
  • The trap field breaks down, forcing Zenoheld to transfer its powers to Farbros.
  • Zenoheld defeats Dan and Spectra, but Farbros explodes due to a power overload.
  • Zenoheld takes the Pyrus energy from Drago, rendering the BT system fully powered.

Bakugan Seen[edit]

Battle Gear Debuts[edit]

Battle Gear Seen[edit]


  • This is the first episode that shows a Battle Gear.
  • This is the only episode where Farbros battles without the help of Assail Formation, presumably because it can't be summoned indoors.
  • This is the first time Zenoheld is seen battling a brawler, in this case Dan.
  • In the Japanese version, there is a deleted scene where Zenoheld is impressed by the destructive power of the Twin Destructor. Oddly enough, that scene was briefly shown in the preview but not in the episode for the English dub.