Show Me the Power!

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Show Me the Power!
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Season Bakugan: New Vestroia
Episode No. 16
Previous Last One Standing
Next Dude, Where's My Bakugan?

Show Me the Power! is the 16th episode of Bakugan: New Vestroia. It aired on August 22, 2009.


Spectra and Gus, stuck on Earth, stay in an abandoned factory. When Gus returns with "juice in boxes" (there's no such thing as juice-boxes on Vestal), he finds that Spectra is gone. While Dan trains his apprentice Baron, Spectra runs into a female fortune teller, who tells him, that if he stays on the path he's chosen, he will meet his end, but he does not listen to her. Spectra decides to take Drago by force, now being tired of waiting for Dan to join him. He sends one of Gus' robot hornets to challenge him and they meet in the arena where he last fought Masquerade. Mira, Baron and Runo worry about Dan being out on his own. In the first round Dan takes a major loss, but manages to strike back with his Bakugan Trap Scorpion. But then Spectra pulls out his own Mechanical Bakugan Trap Metalfencer. Helios gets frustrated and demands that he give him more power. Spectra willingly obliges and activates a Forbidden Ability Card to give Helios absolute power. Dan and Drago are disgusted by this massive power and what it could do to Helios, but neither Spectra nor Helios seem to care about the consequences. Drago is no match for this power and loses with Spectra claiming him as his prize. Dan is crushed by his defeat and the loss of his partner Drago, while his rival walks by the same female fortune teller, who is shocked by how much darker his future has become, but it seems that Spectra doesn't care.

Major events[edit]

  • Spectra challenges Dan to a battle.
  • Dan decides to have the battle at Dome Stadium, where he had his final battle with Masquerade.
  • Spectra is revealed to be in possession of a Trap, Metalfencer, who can combine with Helios.
  • Spectra defeats Dan by more than 500 Gs, thus winning Drago from him.

Bakugan Seen[edit]

Bakugan Trap Debuts[edit]

Bakugan Traps Seen[edit]


  • In this episode, Dan calls Scorpion "Scorpio".
  • Spectra said "Gate Card open", when he set it.
  • Dan wanted to fight Spectra in the stadium where he last defeated Masquerade because he "would have hometown advantage". This also is the second time Masquerade is mentioned in New Vestroia.
  • The Forbidden Ability Cards are shown for the first time in the anime.
  • "The Bee" made its second appearance, entering Dan's house and showing Spectra Phantom challenging Dan Kuso for a brawl between them.
  • Spectra's downfall being prophesied by a fortune teller is a reference to the story about Julius Caesar's defeat foretold by a soothsayer. Like the real-world Caesar, Spectra will later be betrayed by his allies, leading to his seeming defeat, though unlike Caesar, he in fact survives.