Duel in the Dunes

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Duel in the Dunes
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Season Bakugan: New Vestroia
Episode No. 14
Previous Voices in the Night
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Duel in the Dunes is the 14th episode of Bakugan: New Vestroia. It aired on August 8, 2009.


As Dan, Mira, and Baron settle into life at Dan’s house, Marucho and Elfin wander in the New Vestroia desert. Overcome with heat and thirst, they bicker until Elfin spies a "beautiful oasis". Elfin dives for the water, only to watch her oasis disappear, a desert mirage. Elfin then flies off in a delirium. While trying to catch her, Marucho tumbles into a giant quicksand pit. The end seems near, when Marucho is pulled to safety by none other than Volt! The menacing Vexos only saved Marucho’s life so he could challenge him to a brawl. Marucho seems to be doing well with his new trap, Tripod Epsilon, but when Volt pulls out his Mechanical Trap, Dynamo, things get rough and Marucho is defeated and sunken in quicksand. Back on Earth, Mira and Baron hang out at Dan's who after waking up from a dream, is still eager to return to New Vestroia in order to help Shun and Marucho.

Major events[edit]

  • Marucho and Elfin get lost in the desert, but are saved by Volt, who then challenges them to a battle.
  • Marucho is revealed to have obtained a Bakugan Trap, Tripod Epsilon.
  • Volt is revealed to have also obtained a Trap, Dynamo, which can combine with Brontes.
  • Volt defeats Marucho and kidnaps him.

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