Vexos Motherpalace

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Vexos Motherpalace

The Vexos Motherpalace is one of the Vexos' main headquarters. It was originally located in Vestal, where it was home to the royal family. However, when the Bakugan Battle Brawlers Resistance came back and spread the word about the Bakugan being peaceful, sentient beings, the Vestals revolted against the royal family.

To escape the riots, the Motherpalace launched into space with the remaining Vexos as well as King Zenoheld and Prince Hydron on board. The Bakugan Termination System was based in the Motherpalace, where it was later destroyed by Helix Dragonoid. Afterwards, the Alternative Weapon System was launched from the Motherpalace, though its immense sized caused its destruction.


Along with living accommodations (and a dungeon) as expected of a palace, it has several additional features. Among them are teleporters to travel to Earth or Vestal in an instant, and rigged Bakugan battlefields designed by Clay Fermin so only Mechanical Bakugan could win brawls in them. Spectra Phantom would later jam the teleporters so they could no longer travel to Vestal, though they could still travel to Earth.