Dual Elfin Revolution

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Dual Elfin Revolution
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Variations Elfin
Dual Elfin
Minx Elfin
Dual Elfin Revolution
Mutant Elfin


Dual Elfin Revolution is a Bakugan and a Special Attack variation of Dual Elfin.



Dual Elfin Revolution is a Special Attack Bakugan that can change attributes and G-Powers to always gain new abilities and strengths during battle. Its tiny wings allows it to fly short distances avoiding enemy fire. Although quick, small, and difficult to catch, it easily intimidates all challengers who enter the battlefield.

Physical Game[edit]

The Ventus version can switch to Darkus, Aquos, or Subterra and has 610 Gs, 660 Gs and 750 Gs, the Aquos can change into Pyrus and Haos, or Subterra and has 550 Gs, 640 Gs and 760 Gs, and Haos can change to Subterra or Aquos and has 750 Gs.


  • It is the only Bakugan able to change its attribute and G-Power at the same time.