Deluxe Battle Gear

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Size comparison of Deluxe AirKor and normal AirKor

Deluxe Battle Gear are bigger, usually translucent versions of Bakugan Battle Gear. They have electronic lights that blink. A few have an increased G-Power bonus. Due to the addition of the electronics, they may have fewer unfolding parts than their smaller counterparts. In an extreme example, Deluxe Battle Turbine and Deluxe Vilantor Gear have fewer parts in the flaps on their sides. Smashtor and Riptor, the Battle Gears that form the claws of Dharak Colossus, are non-translucent Deluxe Battle Gear. Mobile Assault Vehicles, though lacking electronics, may be considered a type of Deluxe Battle Gear. Their price is higher than normal-sized Battle Gear, reflecting the increased amount of material in their manufacture.

List of Deluxe Battle Gear[edit]



  • If a player of Bakugan Dimensions entered a Deluxe Battle Gear code, it would appear in game as a normal Battle Gear.