Booster Pack (Toy product)

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For TCG card packs, see Booster Pack (TCG).

Booster Packs are packs that only come with one Bakugan. They also contain 1 or more cards.


During different times, Booster Packs had different name, design, and additional contents

Other Names[edit]

  • Monopack (モノパック, Monopakku?) - Japanese and Korean 28mm packs.
  • Some Special Attack Booster Packs were called "Special Attack".
  • American and European Trap Bakugan Booster Packs were called "Bakugan Trap".
  • BakuBoost - European GI packs with additional 2 Ability Cards.
  • BakuCore - GI Booster Packs containing Core Bakugan