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For the device that holds cards and also contains a ripcord, see Ripcard.
A Special Attack Bakugan attached to a Ripcord

A Bakugan Ripcord is a tool introduced in the third generation of Bakugan that can be used to make a Special Attack Bakugan spin. They come in a normal size and XL size.


The ability to launch a Bakugan using a Ripcord (as well as the Ripcard) is only compatible a Special Attack Bakugan Bottom piece. You can still customize the Bakugan Top piece freely whether it is the Bakugan Top piece of a Core or Special Attack Bakugan. Additionally, a Power Ring is also not required to be attached to the Bakugan either.

There are two types of Ripcords, the Bakugan Ripcord and XL Bakugan Ripcord). A Ripcord with a similar size to the standard Bakugan Ripcord is also part of the Ripcard, but it is attached to the device.

A Ripcord is available in all Bakugan products that contain a Special Attack Bakugan. The XL version is included with most cases except for the 2-Packs (Street Brawl, Expert Pack), which has the regular sized version instead. The color of the Ripcord usually matches the Special Attack Bakugan, but there are other colors:

  • The Blue colored XL Ripcord appear to be included with Galactic Bakugan and the single pack for the Brown-colored Street Brawl Bruiser. A regular sized version can be found in the Expert Pack with Special Attack Titanium Dragonoid and Hammerhead.
  • The Yellow XL Ripcord can be found in the Diamond Ventri single pack. The regular sized version can be found in some Expert Packs.
  • A Light Red XL version can be found in the Bakugan Street Brawl Clash Pack.



Bakugan Ripcord[edit]

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