Nillious (Generation 3)

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For the Generation 2 version, see Nillious (Generation 2).

Purple G3 Nillious (open).png

Galactic Special Attack Nillious G3 (Open).png

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Clan Dragon Clan Dragon Clan
Color Purple Purple
Variations Titanium Nillious
Special Attack Scorch-Whips
Power 5000
First appearance Fire In The Sky
Voiced by Allan Turner (ENG)

Nillious (ニリアス, Niriasu?) is a chimeric snake/dragon-based Bakugan that debuts in the Third Generation series, and is the true main antagonist of the first season of the series. He was the partner Bakugan of Kage until he defected from the Clan and abandoned him after the latter demanded respect. He later joins forces with V because he considers him a powerful Brawler due to the Cogito Drive that he stole from the Misfits recently.



Nillious is a two-headed dragon Bakugan with sharp claws, talons, and a deadly split-barbed tail. Before he arrived at Earth, he ruled an army and was top of command, ruling with an iron fist. He pushed his power too far, causing a rift between another army commander, Drago. Drago opposed Nillious' efforts to start a war between Bakugan, and the experimental weapons Nillious used in the war led to a rip in space time, causing the Bakugan to arrive on Earth. Even on Earth, Nillious still holds his beliefs, partnering with Kage as both believe Bakugan should stay in their own Clan and not permit any Bakugan like the Misfit Clan.


Physical Game[edit]

Core Nillious was released in the first wave alongside the Special Attack version in a Galactic variant. There is also a Walmart-exclusive variant of Nillious that comes with the Nillious vs. Bruiser Brawl Bros pack. It has translucent purple plastic with blue accents.


Card Image Color Icon-heart.png Icon-fire.png Icon-spark.png Availability
Nillious (M01 35 CC).png Red Nillious G3 (Open).png Red Red 500 300 200
BCC.png Ultimate Pack Red Nillious G3 (Open).png Red Red 500 400 200
  • Wave 1
    • Bakugan Ultimate Pack
Nillious (M01 65 CC).png Blue G3 Nillious (open).png Blue Blue 300 500 200
Nillious (M01 20 CC).png Green G3 Nillious (Open).png Green Green 500 400 100
Nillious (M01 06 CC).png Purple G3 Nillious (open).png Purple Purple 400 400 200
  • Wave 1
    • Purple Nillious Single Pack
BCC.png ???.png B.A.M. Boost 400 500 200
  • Wave 1
    • Nillious vs Bruiser Brawl Bros Pack

Card Image Color Icon-heart.png Icon-fire.png Icon-spark.png Availability
Nillious (M01 55 CC).png ???.png Red Red 400 400 200
BCC.png Ultimate Pack Special Attack Nillious (Open).png Blue Blue TBD TBD TBD
  • Wave 1
    • Bakugan Ultimate Pack
Nillious (M01 16 CC).png Galactic Special Attack Nillious G3 (Open).png Galactic Galactic Purple Purple 300 500 100
  • Wave 1
    • Galactic Special Attack Nillious Single Pack
BCC.png ???.png Purple Purple
(Street Brawl)
500 200 200
  • Special Attack Nillious Bakugan Street Brawl Single Pack