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Kage in the anime.png
Race Human
Gender Male
Brawling Information
Bakugan Nillious (formerly)
First appearance Ready To Rampage
Voiced by Carson Gale

Kage is a character that appears in the 2023 Bakugan series. He is the leader of the Dragon Clan, and is considered Dan's rival. His partner Bakugan was Nillious until the dragon Bakugan abandoned him for disobedience due to viewing Kage as a servant.



Kage has purple and blue hair, he wears has a purple shirt featuring the Dragon Clan symbol and wears a jacket with metal spikes alongside purple colored pants. He might appear calm, but he's aggressive on the inside and super competitive, which explains why he gets along with Nillious. Kage and Nillious linked up because they're both driven to exploit the weaknesses of others, they will stop at nothing to get their way. This is shown when Kage ignored the authorities who wanted to take brawling away. Due to Nillious' vendetta against Drago, Kage has often been pit against Dan in battles. Kage believes the Misfit Clan are a joke, and chooses to believe in the separation of Bakugan by species, so Dragons should team up with Dragons for example.



  • The art on his Brawler Cards showed Kage with part of his hair being light green, in the anime this was changed to be blue.