Dragonoid (Generation 3)

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For the Generation 1 version, see Dragonoid (Generation 1).
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Red Dragonoid G3 (Open).png

Red Special Attack G3 Dragonoid (Open).png

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Clan Misfit Clan symbol.png Misfit Clan
Color Red Red
Variations Titanium Dragonoid
Special Attack Blaze Swords
Power 5000
First appearance Fire In The Sky
Voiced by Kyle Derek (ENG)

Dragonoid (ドラゴノイド, Doragonoido?) is a dragon-based Bakugan that debuts in the Third Generation series. He is the partner Bakugan of Dan Kouzo and together they are part of the Misfit Clan.



Dragonoid is a 10-ft tall red dragon with fiery scales and massive wings. He originates from the Vestroian Star System, and was said to be one of the most powerful Bakugan from there. Although he was strong, he wasn't into going to war against all the other species. He believed they should accept each other's differences and come together, but not everyone agreed so a war broke out. Drago was completely silenced by his biggest rival, Nillious, who wanted war. When the war caused a rip in space-time, Drago was part of the first wave of Bakugan to crash land onto Earth, this is when he met his best friend Dan Kouzo. Together he and his friends alongside their Bakugan formed a clan called the Misfit Clan that accepts everybody's differences just like he wanted at home. He and Dan are always ready to jump into action when needed due to their strong bond.


Bakugan (2023)[edit]

Dan and Drago first meet each other

In Fire In The Sky, Dan Kouzo retells the story about how a year ago, he and his friends met the Bakugan who crash landed on Earth. Amongst them were Drago, Trox, and Ventri. Unfortunately for the Brawlers, they learned that the Bakugan didn't get along with each other, causing the military and scientists to investigate the Bakugan and explain who they were to the public.

Physical Game[edit]

The Gold Special Attack Dragonoid was released in Wave 1. The Core Dragonoid will release in the Wave 2.

Card Image Color Icon-heart.png Icon-fire.png Icon-spark.png Availability
Dragonoid (M01 08 CC).png Red Special Attack G3 Dragonoid (Open).png Red Red 400 500 100
  • Wave 1
    • Red G3 Gold SA Symbol.png Dragonoid Single
Dragonoid (M01 61 CC).png Diamond Gold Special Attack Dragonoid (Front).png Diamond Diamond Red Red 400 300 300
  • Wave 1
    • Diamond G3 Gold SA Symbol.png Dragonoid and Green G3 Gold SA Symbol.png Bruiser Battle Pack
Street Brawl Red Gold Special Attack Dragonoid (M01 73 CC).png ???.png Red Red (Street Brawl) 300 500 200
  • Wave 1
    • Red G3 Gold SA Symbol.png Dragonoid Street Brawl Single
    • Red G3 Gold SA Symbol.png Dragonoid and Black/Purple G3 Gold SA Symbol.png Nillious 1.5 Pack