Juno Reyes

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Juno Reyes
Juno front.png
Race Human
Age 12
Gender Female
Brawling Information
Bakugan Bruiser
First appearance Rules Are Boring
Voiced by Julia Pulo

Juno Reyes is a character that appears in the 2023 Bakugan series. She joined the Misfit Clan and her partner Bakugan is Bruiser.



Juno is a 12-year old Brawler who is bursting with energy and always ready to drop everything for a good time. Her main goal in life is to have fun and nothing else even comes close. She is a rebel who loves to push boundaries and showing everyone there is no other limits. For example, when her best-friend Bakugan Bruiser thought the stunt of flinging Juno on the bridge was crazy for Juno, but she thought it was fun because it was a challenge. She is super competitive and thrives in the chaos which explains her love of Bakugan battling. Juno is also an incredible hacker, as shown when she discovers a new Bakugan variant derived from combined energy sources.


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