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Red Ventri (Open).png

Limited Edition Gold SA Ventri (open with Ring).png

Ventri front.png

Clan Misfit Clan symbol.png Misfit Clan
Color White White
Variations Titanium Ventri
Special Attack Herublade
Power 5000
First appearance Fire In The Sky
Voiced by Christina Nova (ENG)

Ventri (ベントリ, Bentori?) is a bird of prey-based Bakugan that debuts in the Third Generation series. She is the partner Bakugan of Mia Ono.



Ventri is a 10-ft tall blue and gold avian Bakugan. She is the partner of Mia Ono, their connection is said to be so strong that it is almost telepathic, especially when she Mia calls for the attack Piercing Feathers. Ventri has some of the most super sensitive eyesight and hearing out of any Bakugan in the game, which give her a huge upper hand in battle. She supports all the different species of Bakugan and wants them to get along, and celebrates them alongside Drago.


Ventri first appears in Fire In The Sky.

Physical Game[edit]

Core Ventri was released in Wave 2. Gold Special Attack Ventri is only available as a Limited Edition Bakugan and in a Infinity treatment (yet to be released) at the moment.

Bakugan Components[edit]

Bakugan Top/Bottom[edit]

Special Attack Bakugan Top/Bottom[edit]

Special Attack Parts
Special Attack Bakugan Top: G3 Gold SA Symbol.png Ventri Special Attack Bakugan Bottom: G3 Gold SA Symbol.png Herublade Power Ring: Herublade
LE Gold SA Ventri (Bakugan Top).png Herublade Bakugan Bottom (top view).png HeruBlade Power Ring Back.png

The G3 Gold SA Symbol.png Bakugan Bottom & Ring is known as Herublade.


Card Image Color Icon-heart.png Icon-fire.png Icon-spark.png Availability
Ventri (Limited Edition) (M01 101 CC).png LE Gold SA Ventri (Bakugan Top).png White White 500 100 500


  • Mia's Ventri, while being white in full mode, has blue color feathers in normal mode.