Fire In The Sky

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Fire In The Sky
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Season Bakugan (2023)
Episode No. 01
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Fire In The Sky is the first episode of Bakugan (2023). It aired on Netflix on September 1, 2023, alongside Ready To Rampage.


A battle between Hammerhead and a spider Bakugan is taking place, with Hammerhead making a comeback and winning the battle. The next battle is Dan and Drago, but Dan is distracted by the smell of corn dogs, Drago tells his partner to stay focused. Tia Dee then interrupts their conversation, she is live-streaming and excited about how she found the Bakugan Dragonoid and Brawler Dan. She interviews Drago about his upcoming brawl against his rival Nillious, but Drago is overwhelmed by the questions so Dan decides to be interviewed, and tells the story of Drago.

Dan tells the story about how a year ago he was an average kid who struggled to find something he is passionate about, having not enjoyed chess, hockey, swimming, or chess. The scene shifts to Dan and his friends Griffin and Mia. Mia tells Dan that his mom is sort of right about how he hasn't found any activity he is passionate about. Dan's friends talk about how he missed his science test but Dan says he has his life under control and he's figuring things out. Just after, a fire in the sky crashes onto Bakugan City.

Dan and his friends find a spherical object that crashed onto the ground. Griffin warns Dan not to touch it because the object might be dangerous. The object then moves, with the ball transforming into a dragon creature. Dan introduces himself to the creature known as Dragonoid (Drago), with Drago asking if Dan is a robot. Drago was unaware of what Earth is, and Dan laughs and thinks the creature is a cool guy. Their talk is cut short when a Bakugan attacks Drago, with Dan and his friends realizing these strange beings didn't get along with each other.

After their meeting, the military took notice and stopped the fighting, with scientists showing up afterwards. Due to this event, the Mayor explains that these creatures are known as Bakugan, who live in the galaxy known as Vestroia, whose planets were in a war with each other until a wormhole popped up and sent the Bakugan to Earth. The Bakugan were now stuck on Earth, and now have linked up with humans of Earth, so Dan showed Drago the important things about Earth such as pizza, riding things, and punching things. The Bakugan landing on Earth finally gave Dan a passion for something. Dan discusses how Bakugan love to brawl, which kept them mentally and physically strong, evolving them as a species, it is also a tradition for them.

After Dan's story of how he met the Bakugan ends, the scene shifts to the present, where Dan and Drago are facing off for Drago's rival, Nillious, for the first time on Earth. Dan asks Drago why Nillious hates Drago, with Drago responding that Nillious started the war between Bakugan and hated Drago for trying to stop him. Drago and Nillious clash, with Nillious throwing Drago down. He lunges towards Drago, but Drago responds with a punch, leaving the two-headed Dragon wobbly. Drago knocks Nillious out and wins the battle.

The crowd cheers for Dan and Drago's victory, but Nillious refuses the outcome, he attempts to attack Dan, but Drago protects his partner, and the contact between them causes Drago to grow into a larger size. Drago delivers a punch against Nillious which causes him to turn back to BakuBall Form. Dan and the audience are shocked that Drago became a giant size, with Drago left confused how he achieved this transformation.

Characters Seen[edit]

Bakugan Seen[edit]

Featured Brawls[edit]

  • Hammerhead vs. Spider Bakugan = Hammerhead Wins
  • Dan Kouzo (Drago) vs. Mia Ono (Ventri) = Unknown Result
  • Dan Kouzo (Drago) vs. Nillious = Dan and Drago win