Brawl Or Nothing

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Brawl Or Nothing
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Season Bakugan (2023)
Episode No. 06
Previous Bunch of Misfits
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Brawl Or Nothing is the sixth episode of Bakugan (2023). It aired on Netflix on September 1, 2023, alongside Bunch of Misfits.


Dan and his friends continue to decorate their new MOD/hideout but are interrupted by Griffin who is playing music in the DJ booth. Griffins music is then cut by the members of another Clan. One of the members, known as Backslash says they are not a real Clan because they are completely inconsistent. Another member says their location doesn't look real, and the Clan isn't real either. Backslash tells Dan and his friends that they are aware of their Clan because they are constantly gathering data and analyzing information. Backslash introduces him and his members as the Insect Clan, a BakuLeague Clan led by Backslash. Backslashs partner Mantid came because they thought they would be good opponents, but it seems they've wasted their time.

Dan asks what the BakuLeague is, with one of the members named Function responding that it is a brawling league run by all the "real" Clans. The other member named Tilde also says its run in secret so nobody tries to stop them. In order to qualify, Dan and his friends must beat a Clan that is already in the league. If they lose, then they will not be able to join, it's Brawl or Nothing!

The rules for the match is a best of 2, with Dan facing off against Backslash first. Dan tells Drago to use Fire Fist, but Mantid dodges the attack and responds with Mantis Blades. Drago is taking heavy damage from Mantids repeated attacks, so Dan runs to find a B.A.M. Zone, but Backslash is calculating the shortest route to get to a Zone first. Backslash touches a B.A.M. to power up Mantid, leading to Mantid to land a final blow to defeat Drago.

The second round is Mia vs Tilde. Tilde's Ghost Tarantula uses Silk Shockers to send Ventri falling. Tilde calculates a route to find a B.A.M., but Mia makes it before her by following the route Tilde went to. Mia touches a Health B.A.M. to restore Ventri to full power, telling her partner Bakugan to use Dive Bomb. Ventri's attack defeats Ghost Tarantula, the match is now tied 1-1.

The final round is Griffin vs. Function, if Griffin win then Dan's Clan is in the league. Function tells his Bakugan Spidra to attack Trox. Griffin is nervous due to this being his first Brawl. Trox is taking serious damage from Spidra's attacks. Dan decides to go into the DJ booth to energize Griffin. A pumped up Griffin finds a B.A.M. Zone and tells Trox to use Break Beat, which ends up knocking Spidra out back to ball form.

With Griffin the winner, Dan's Clan is now allowed in the BakuLeague. Function comments how Dan and his friends need a Clan name, with Dan remembering how Nillious walked away calling them "misfits". Dan decides to call their clan - The Misfit Clan, with his friends agreeing.

Characters Seen[edit]

Bakugan Seen[edit]

Featured Brawls[edit]

  • Misfit Clan vs. Insect Clan
    • Round 1: Dan (Drago) vs. Backslash (Mantid) = Backslash & Mantid win
    • Round 2: Mia (Ventri) vs. Tilde (Ghost Tarantula) = Mia & Ventri win
    • Round 3: Griffin (Trox) vs. Function (Spidra) = Griffin & Trox win