Griffin Tessly

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Griffin Tessly
Griffin front.png
Race Human
Age 13
Gender Male
Brawling Information
Bakugan Trox
First appearance Fire In The Sky
Voiced by Sephira Kalala Ilunga Bukasa

Griffin Tessly is a character that appears in the 2023 Bakugan series. He is a member of the Misfit Clan and his partner Bakugan is Trox.



Griffin is a dark-skinned teenager with dark brown hair with who wears a green varsity jacket over a white shirt while sporting a gold BakuBall chain. He wears dark blue jeans and has special green and white colored shoes that he customized to include speakers.


Griffin is a bit of a geek, but he makes it look good. His love of tech influenced him to create gadgets that can help give him the upper hand in Bakugan Brawls. Griffin loves music, he has a DJ Booth in the Misfit's Mod and gets everyone super hyped when it's time to battle. He has a photographic memory, and his favorite television show is Tyranno Man. Griffin's partner Bakugan is Trox, and he is the best one to calm him. They both love the same music, comics, Tyranno Man, and dancing. He brawls to the rhythm of the music and likes to drop a beat during battles.


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