Throw Some Shade

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Throw Some Shade
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Season Bakugan (2023)
Episode No. 10
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Throw Some Shade is the tenth episode of Bakugan (2023). It aired on Netflix on September 1, 2023, alongside MOD Alone.


The Misfit Clan is challenged by the Dino Clan, led by Dumbbell and Barbell, requesting to brawl against Griffin and his Dino Bakugan Trox to see how he matches against their Dino Bakugan. Griffin is nervous about the battle, but Trox cheers up and tells Griffin he should train like Captain Shadow, a character from one of his favorite TV shows.

The Misfit Clan later arrives at the Dino Clans MOD, which is a museum. The Misfits meet the leaders, twins Dumbbell and Barbell. Barbell, the sister, challenges Griffin to a brawl. Griffin sends out his Gold Evolution Trox, but Griffin is shocked to see Barbell also has a Gold Evolution Bakugan. Dumbbell reveals Kage and Nillious gave the data for Gold Evolution to the Dino Clan that was stolen from the Misfit's MOD. Kage and Nillious are shown watching the battle between Dino Bakugan via a mechanical ornithopter that resembles an insect. Kage questions why Nillious gave the Gold Evolution data to the other Clans, with Nillious responding it was done to keep the Misfits in check as they were becoming stronger due to these new powers.

Back at the battle between Griffin and Barbell, Barbells dinosaur Bakugan is overpowering Trox with its golden weapon. Barbell commands Treyzer to use Shatter Club, which knocks Trox back. Griffin runs towards a health B.A.M. to restore Trox' energy and tells Trox to attack with the golden weapon Sun Slinger. Treyzaur responds to the projectile attack by knocking it back. Dan points Griffin to the direction of another B.A.M. The fearful Griffin doubts he can make it in time until Trox reminds him not to doubt himself, to remember Captain Shadow episode 31, where Captain Shadow trained hard to win the battle. Griffin and Barbell run to reach the B.A.M. power-up, but Barbell is the one to touch it. Treyzer attacks Trox once again and defeats him. Although Griffin lost the brawl, the Misfits are proud that Griffin stood up to an opponent who used Gold Evolution.

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Featured Brawls[edit]

  • Griffin (Trox) vs. Barbell (Treyzer) = Barbell and Treyzer win