Bunch of Misfits

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Bunch of Misfits
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Season Bakugan (2023)
Episode No. 05
Previous Let There Be Lava
Next Brawl Or Nothing

Bunch of Misfits is the fifth episode of Bakugan (2023). It aired on Netflix on September 1, 2023, alongside Brawl Or Nothing.


Mia leaves her house to meet up with her friends. Unknowing to her parents, Mia hides that she has a Bakugan and doesn't go out with her school outfit, her hair-clip transforms her into her normal attire.

In the closed Bakugan arena, Drago and Ventri fight when a dog runs towards Griffin. It appears that Trox can understand animals, as he explains this dog says he lives there and his nap was interrupted, as well as if they have snacks. Trox says the dog is okay with them staying since they have snacks. The battle between Drago and Ventri ends in no outcome because Dan looks like he is hiding something. Drago talks about Dan making mistakes such as joining the Dragon Clan, which Mia overhears.

Dan and Drago are unable to keep their secret as Kage is also there. Kage and Nillious tell Dan's friends that they joined the Dragon Clan and Dan never mentioned it to his friends. Kage tells the Brawlers that after Brawling was outlawed, Bakugan grouped together in secret and formed Clans based on their types. The Dragon Clan is the most powerful of them all according to Nillious, with Dan and Drago having joined them. Drago tells Nillious it was a mistake that they joined them, with Nillious telling his rival that he will be sorry and they betrayed them. Kage and his partner Bakugan use the card device and leave through a portal.

Mia and Griffin aren't happy Dan was keeping secrets from them. Dan just wants to brawl again and that's why he thought of joining the Dragon Clan. Mia then gets a video call from her mom, causing her to revert into her school clothes. Due to Mia hiding a secret, she and Dan argue with each other and end up challenging each other a Brawl.

Ventri attacks with Dive Bomb and Dragonoid dodges. Dan and Mia run to grab a B.A.M., continuing to fight about how they kept secrets. Mia touches a B.A.M. and tells Ventri to use Piercing Feathers, defeating Drago. Dan apologizes to Mia as he wasn't thinking straight and ended up hurting her feelings. Mia also apologizes because she knows Dan loves to Brawl, the two shake hands and rekindle. Drago believes he is confident not joining the Dragon Clan was the right choice, sure they are made of different of different animals, people, and Bakugan types, but thats what makes them special and what makes them strong.

Although Dan and his friends are unable to brawl like the other clans, Mia suggests they form their clan. Even though they don't have the same type of Bakugan, that's what makes them stronger. They now have a hideout thanks to the dog, who is revealed to be named Murph, who also joins them. Dan then says that they have formed a Clan, with everyone being happy with the result. Meanwhile, Kage and Nillious are angry Dan and Drago turned down their invite to join the Dragon Clan.

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  • Dan (Drago) vs. Mia (Ventri) = Mia and Ventri win.