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The Card Collection is a card pack which contains three Booster Packs as well as an exclusive Jumbo foil Character Card.

Battle Planet collections also came with two BakuCores, while Armored Alliance collections came with a deck box instead.


  • COLLECTIBLE TRADING CARDS: Add 30 trading cards, 2 powerful BakuCores & an exclusive oversized foil Character Card to your collection & take your battle brawling to the next level! For kids 6 & up.
  • ROLL INTO ACTION: Roll your Bakugan collectible figure and watch it POP open! Roll a Bakugan Ultra figure and they'll LEAP open, picking up their BakuCore and revealing its power. How will you roll?
  • COLLECT, TRADE & BATTLE: Build your Bakugan collection with transforming Bakugan figures, BakuCores, Character Cards & Ability Cards. Then trade with friends or face off in the world of Battle Planet!
  • MASTER THE TRANSFORMATIONS: Each Bakugan ball's battle transformation into a fierce creature is unique and requires a specific sequence to close. With a little practice, each sequence can be mastered!
  • COLLECT CARDS & CHARACTERS: Bakugan Battle Planet is an action toy line featuring collectible toy balls that transform into powerful monsters! It's all about transforming, battling, and collecting!


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Battle Brawlers[edit]

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