Evolution (Generation 2)

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For Evolution in Legacy series, see Evolution (Generation 1).
For Special forms from Bakugan: Evolutions, see Elemental Evolution.

Evolution is a temporary transformation Bakugan can go through during the battle. A Bakugan must channel the power of a Core Cell in order to bond with its brawler and assume a powered-up form known as its evolved form. Bakugan evolve into three stages: Hyper, Titan, and Maximus. Bakugan can revert back from their evolved bodies whenever they desire. In Bakugan: Armored Alliance, they have lost the ability to evolve, and can now either equip Baku-Gear or can fuse (or both, in some cases). In Bakugan: Evolutions, Elemental Evolutions taken the place, allowing some Bakugan to turn into specialized modes, which enhances either their speed or strength

List of evolutions in show[edit]


  • Of all the evolutions, only Dragonoid have its ones have corresponding toys.