Bone Skuls

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Bone Skuls
Bone Skuls (toy).png
Attribute Darkus Darkus
First appearance Zakuro Invades

Bone Skuls (骸(ボーン) スカルズ, Bōn Sukaruzu?) is a Japanese original Bakugan from the BakuTech series.

Official Description[edit]

Official Descriptions for Bone Skuls
Official Product Name Japanese English Translation Source
Bone Skuls (スカルサイクロンが回転して、敵の攻撃を無力化する!迫力のボディにメタルクロスとスカルス専用骸(ボーン)センターメタルを備え、立ちはだかる。?) Spin to neutralize enemy attacks with Skull Cyclone! Bone Skuls blocks the way with its impressive body made up of a Metal Cross and the Bone Center Metal that is unique to Skuls. Japanese Official Website
(暗黒の封印から解き放たれしその力は全世界を闇へと変動させるという..。?) The power released from the dark seal can turn the whole world into darkness... BTC-32 Instruction


BakuTech! Bakugan[edit]

Bone Skuls is used by Zakuro.

Physical Game[edit]

Bone Skuls was released on December 2, 2011. It has a feature called 'Skull Cyclone', which can prevent Critical Attacks by spinning Bone Skuls's upper part.

Pentagon Parameter[edit]

  • Attack: 6/10
  • Defence: 8/10
  • Occupy force: 8/10
  • Control: 5/10
  • Stand force: 6/10
  • Bone Ability Void
  • Total:33/50

Gate Card(s)[edit]

Ability Card(s)[edit]


Variations of Bone Skuls
Image Official Product Name Cross Parts Sole Parts Acquisition G-Power Power Variation
Zen Snake.png Bone Skuls Bone Metal Cross.jpg None BTC-32


The Japanese Han character of Bone Skuls, (mukuro), means skeleton.


  • Bone Skuls was the first Darkus BakuTech Bakugan to have an odd number of crosses.