Master Jyou

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Master Jyou
Race Human
Gender Male
Brawling Information
Main attribute Pyrus Pyrus
First appearance The Mysterious Master Jyou!
Voiced by Souichi Abe

Master Jyou (マスタージョウ, Masutaa Jyou?), also known as Mister Up (ミスターアップ, Misutā Appu?), is a character in BakuTech! Bakugan. He is the master of Tohga, Karashina, and Jinza or collectively known as the Shadow Sanjushi.



Master Jyou debuts in the ninth episode but his face was obscured by a shadow. It was revealed that the two were students of Quilt in the Bakugan Dojo. When Quilt announced his retirement, Jyou and Shimo both competed to see who gets to inherit the Bakugan Dojo. Jyou proved to be the stronger brawler by winning the brawl against Shimo using brute force. As he laughs manically in the background, Quilt announces that the calmer Shimo will inherit the Bakugan Dojo. Humiliated by this, Jyou left the Bakugan Dojo. Jyou was not seen nor heard of for decades until the Shadow Sanjushi shows up stealing the Bakugan Dojo's sign is to avenge their Master Jyou against his rival, Master Shimo.

During the Advent of Sechs Tavanel, Master Jyou and Master Shimo finally mended their friendship and agreed to exchange students to give Team Dragaon and Shadow Sanjushi a different kind of training. In compliance, the Bakugan Juku (Sanjushi Dojo) annexed the Bakugan Dojo.



Opponent(s) Episode(s)


Shimo (Flashback) 9 Win


The Kanji of his name Jyou (上, Jyou?) literally means Superior, Upper or Above. The alias of "Mister Up" was derived from this.


  • His name directly contrasts the meaning of Master Shimo's name.
  • The ninth episode revealed that Jyou had superiority complex (in nod to the meaning of his name) which deemed him unworthy to inherit the Bakugan Dojo.
  • The outfit of his alias, Mr. Up, is similar to that of Goku from Dragonball Z.



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