Gif Jinryu

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Gif Jinryu
Attribute Aquos Aquos
Power 600 Gs
First appearance Shoot to Extremes
Voiced by Suu Asakura

Gif Jinryu (蒼(ギフ)ジンリュウ, Gifu Jinryuu?) is a Chinese Dragon-like Japanese original Bakugan from the BakuTech series.

Official Description[edit]


BakuTech! Bakugan[edit]

Gif Jinryu is used by Tatsuma.


BakuTech! Bakugan (Anime)[edit]

Gif Jinryu was given by Master Shimo to Tatsuma so that he can have his own Partner Bakugan to compete with. From Normal Crosses, Jinryu was upgraded with Dusty Metallic Cross Parts.

Later, it was shown that Gif Jinryu is capable of possessing people. He was shown speaking to Dagger Odos who took a shady form and as a response, Jinryu possessed Tatsuma in order to fight The Shade of Odos.

Physical Game[edit]

demo Gif Normal Cross

It is equipped with BakuTech Convert System which enables part exchange within the same type of Bakugan that two Normal Crosses are on its arms. Gif Jinryu has unusual color combination in Aquos which has silver as its highlight.


There are three ways to acquire Gif Jinryu:

  • Drop-in the BakuThlon White Card with all nine stickers at the back to participating store outlets. 1000 cards will be drawn.
  • Mail-in (to Sega Toys) the Red Stage Card with all nine stickers at the back. 1000 senders will be given Gif Jinryu.

The 3000 senders that were drawn received their Gif Jinryu on July 2012.

Pentagon Parameter[edit]

  • Attack: 7/10
  • Defense: 7/10
  • Occupy Force: 7/10
  • Stand Force: 7/10
  • Control: 7/10
  • Total: 35/50


Variations of Gif Jinryu
Image Official Product Name Cross Parts Sole Parts Acquisition G Power Variation
Jinryu.jpg Gif Jinryu Gif Normal Cross.jpg None PROM-01 600
BTC-631.jpg Gif Jinryu Gif Normal Cross Gold.jpg None BTC-63
4979750781735 1.jpg Gif Jinryu Black Buster Borg Metal Cross Gold.jpg None BTD-07
RedGinryu.jpg Gif Jinryu Fire Red Gif Normal Cross.jpg None CoroCoro Lucky Draw

Gate Card(s)[edit]

Ability Card(s)[edit]


The Han character in the Japanese name of Gif Jinryu, (Aoi), means blue. 'Gif' may be derived from gift, given that Gif Jinryu was at first distributed only as a gift for having nine stickers on the BakuThlon Cards.


  • Gif Jinryu is one of the only four BakuTech Bakugan that is capable of speaking in Anime. The others are Dagger Odos, Seis Tavanel and DraThron.
  • Gif Jinryu was once named Azure Dragon Type (青龍タイプ, Seiryū Taipu?) tentatively when it is released as BTC-63.[1]
  • Gif Jinryu was shown in three variations in the anime series
    • The initial form when Tatsuma received the Bakugan from Master Shimo shows Gif Jinryu equipping the same Normal Cross as the Blue Blaze Flare Dragaon. This version was not released as a standalone product although it can be made with the Gif Jinryu from PROM-01 and the Cross Parts from BCV-20.
    • The upgraded form after Tatsuma received the metallic silver Normal Crosses from Harou Kido. This version is the one from PROM-01.
    • In the nineteenth episode of the second season of the anime series; Gif Jinryu was granted by Quilt an upgrade. It thereby "evolved" to its BTC-63 version that has dark blue and predominant gold motifs.
  • Even though the PROM-01 version has green eyes; Gif Jinryu actually has red eyes in all its forms in the anime series.