Zeta Munikis

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Zeta Munikis
Zeta Munikis.jpg
Attribute Darkus Darkus
Power 720 Gs
Variations Destroy Munikis
Zero Munikis
Hollow Munikis
Zeta Munikis

Zeta Munikis (全(ゼータ)ムニキス, Zēta Munikisu?) is a demon-like Japanese original Bakugan from the BakuTech series, and the evolution of Hollow Munikis.

Official Description[edit]

Official Descriptions for Zeta Munikis
Official Product Name Japanese English Translation Source
Zeta Munikis (ライチの愛機4代目ムニキスが劇的な進化を遂げた!バインドシステムに加わり、パワーレベルブースト パワールーレットによって 10G・20G・40G・200Gのパワーレベルが追加されるぞ!?) Raichi's favorite Bakugan, the fourth generation Munikis, has undergone a dramatic evolution! In addition to the Bind System, the Power Level Boost Power Roulette will increase the Power Level by 10G/20G/40G/200G! Japanese Official Website


BakuTech! Bakugan[edit]


BakuTech! Bakugan[edit]

Physical Game[edit]

Pentagon Parameter[edit]

  • Attack: /10
  • Defence: /10
  • Occupy Force: /10
  • Control: /10
  • Stand: /10
  • Total: /50

Gate Card(s)[edit]

Ability Card(s)[edit]

Fusion Ability Card(s)[edit]


The Kanji in the Japanese name of Zeta Munikis, (On: zen/ Kun: subete, mattaku), means entire or complete, whose on'yomi may be also one of the origin of 'Zeta'. 'Munikis' is derived from the Japanese for back to nothing, 無に帰する (munikisuru).


  • In the BakuTech anime, the time that Hollow Munikis takes to become Zeta Munikis is the longest between two evolutions; spanning about the length of a whole season.