Ru Makuba

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Ru Makuba
Race Human
Gender Male

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Ru Makuba (ル マクバ?) is one of the officiators of BakuTech series of tournaments in Japan alongside Master Shimo and Hono Moetaro. He is characterized by his Japanese clothes and wrestler mask.  

Not much was known about him in-canon, but according to promotion material, Ru seemed to be the arch-rival of Hono Moetaro.  




The Japanese syllables in his name are palindrome for "Bakumaru" which synonymous to the term Bakugan meaning Exploding Balls.


  • Being a Tournament Officiator; he is one of the recurring official live action (or characters portrayed or roleplayed by a real person) Bakugan characters along with Master Shimo and Hono Moetaro.
  • Unlike the other two, however, Ru Makuba did not appear in the anime series himself.