List of Bakugan Dimensions Terms

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A list of common terms used in Bakugan Dimensions.

Combo Attacks[edit]

Combos are a way to deal much more damage in one turn. There are three Combo terms: Combo Starts, Combo Continues and Combo Escapes.

Combo Starts[edit]

Combo Starts are used to start a combo. Though, a combo can't be started if the opponent's defense intercepts the attack.

Combo Continues[edit]

Combo Continues are used after a Combo Start. They are used to deal the extra damage. They will be lost, if the opponent uses a Combo Escape and the player uses them. They can be like Fusion Abilities.

Combo Escapes[edit]

Combo Escapes are used to escape a combo. A player sacrifices a move to escape it and take no damage from the combo.


Cooldowns are found most special abilities, and ability cannot be reused until its turn counter has finished. Most abilities have three-turn cooldowns, though some have two-turn cooldowns and two abilities have no cooldown at all: Merciless Strikes and Machine Gun.

Damage Calculations[edit]

The Basic Attack, which is a key factor in determining damage.

Damage is how a player wins a brawl. There are two ways to deal damage: Attacks and Counter-Attacks. Damage is measured in four different measurements: Weak, Light, Heavy, and Mega.


Weak Damage is the lowest amount of damage that can be done. It is equal to half your Basic Attack, and if it's a stat-based Weak Attack, it draws solely from the chosen stat.

  • (ex. Weak Agility attack = [Agility stat])


Light Damage is the most common amount of damage, and is equal to your Basic Attack. A stat-based Light Attack will equal [Weak Damage] + [Stat Amount].

  • (ex. Light Willpower attack = Weak Damage + [amount of Willpower])


Heavy Damage is your basic attack + 1/2 of your basic attack. If it is a stat-based attack, it deals damage equal to Basic Attack + [Stat Amount].

  • (ex. Heavy Strength attack = Light Damage + [Amount of Strength])


Mega Damage is the most powerful type of damage. It is equal to your Basic Attack + Weak Attack + [amount of Strength] (and is the only damage type to draw solely from one stat; the others can vary).

Mega Damage is usually only available in Subterra Fighting Styles. However, many other attacks like Burning Revenge and Typhoon Strike can reach Mega Damage under certain circumstances.


G-Power in Bakugan Dimensions works differently than it does in the anime. Here, it shows how powerful an attack a Bakugan can use. For example, a Bakugan has 640 Gs can use abilities as high as level 600.


Moves are abilities that you can have your Bakugan perform in battle. Each Fighting Style consists of certain abilities, or cards that fall into the following types: Attack, Defense, Gate, or Command. Some abilities are capable of changing types after use, a tactic employed particularly by Darkus Moves.

Lost Moves[edit]

The term "Lost Moves" was coined by players to describe Moves that were either purchasable or were used by certain NPCs, but were never used by any Fighting Style. As a result, these Moves never saw use by players despite existing in the game. The following are Lost Moves:


There are three stats that are used to measure how powerful a Bakugan's attack can be: Agility, Life, Strength, and Willpower.



The more Agility you have, the higher the chances of Dodge Back or Interrupt Defense succeeding. Certain attacks and Battle Gear can boost Agility, and it is naturally higher in Ventus and Aquos Bakugan, while Subterra's have the least amount of Agility.



Life (also known as Health) is measured depending on how much G-Power a Bakugan in battle has, as well as by their attribute. Subterra and Colossus Bakugan naturally have the most amount of Life, while Ventus Bakugan have the least. In brawls, a Bakugan is defeated when its Life falls to zero through attacks or moves that cost them Life.

Haos Bakugan can regain Life by using certain Defenses, Gates, or Attacks. Some support pieces can also add more life to a Bakugan. While almost all Mechtanium Surge Bakugan have higher Life, some exchange it for lower G-Powers.



Strength can be given by all Attributes but Haos, boosted by Battle Gear, or boosted by the move card Bolster.

For example, a Bakugan can have 500 Gs and about 187 Strength. If they use an attack that says "Light Strength Attack", it will be their Strength level plus 170, as that is the amount of damage for a weak attack at level 500.



Darkus and Haos Bakugan usually have more Willpower than the other Attributes. Certain Battle Gear also boost the Willpower stat. Darkus and Haos styles mainly focus on Willpower. Willpower's symbol is that of a bald head.