Burning Spite

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Burning Spite
Categories: Pyrus, Attack, Defense
Style None
Type Attack, Dodge Back, Light

Burning Spite was an unreleased Pyrus Attack-Defense Move in Bakugan Dimensions. As this move was never added to any available Fighting Style, it is considered a Lost Move, and was never playable over the game's duration.


Burning Spite is a Weak Agility Attack that increases Willpower, with the potential to deal extra Damage if the Bakugan using it is debuffed.

After the Attack, this move becomes a Dodge Back Defense that lasts one turn. If your Bakugan gets hit by the opponent's Attack (with Dodge Back up), the opposing Bakugan will face a Light Counter-Attack.


  • Pyrus


  • Weak Agility Attack
    • Light Agility Attack, if the opponent is debuffed
    • Dodge Back Defense + Light Counter-Attack, after initial use