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Fighting Styles were used to brawl in Bakugan Dimensions. Each Fighting Style used a particular strategy and contained seven Attacks, Defenses, and Commands. Several Styles are named after the Gate Cards their strategies revolve around. Fighting Styles were selected at your Ready screen, under the "Fighting Style" style.

Each Attribute had three Easy, two Normal, one Advanced, and two Expert Fighting Styles. The first three difficulties required 1–3 Bakugan of that attribute to be in the team to use. Expert Styles were mixed-attribute styles with a primary and secondary attribute, but required particular team setups: the teams had to be comprised of either two primary-attribute Bakugan and one secondary-attribute Bakugan, or one primary-attribute Bakugan and two Clear Bakugan.

List of Fighting Styles[edit]

Easy Normal Advanced Expert
Pyrus Pyrus Breath of Fire
Breath of Fire 2
Defense Crusher
Frenzied Flames
Combo Maniac
Relentless Rushdown Lava Floes (with Subterra)
Storm and Spitfire (with Ventus)
Aquos Aquos Rising Tide
Rising Tide 2
Mental Assault
Furious Seas
Master Manipulator Adaptability (with Ventus)
Darkened Waves (with Darkus)
Subterra Subterra Fist of Stone
Fist of Stone 2
Mountain Cracker
Earth Splitter Lava Floes (with Pyrus)
Body and Soul (with Haos)
Haos Haos Test of Will
Test of Will 2
Defiant Soul
Super Speedup
Healing Light
Defense Specialist Body and Soul (with Subterra)
Light in the Shadow (with Darkus)
Darkus Darkus Darkness Falls
Darkness Falls 2
Solemn Night
Balance of Power
Strike from Shadow
Gate Controller Darkened Waves (with Aquos)
Light in the Shadow (with Haos)
Ventus Ventus Gathering Storm
Gathering Storm 2
Wind Master
Sky Master Adaptability (with Aquos)
Storm and Spitfire (with Pyrus)