List of Bakugan Dimensions Glitches

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A list of common glitches that occurred in Bakugan Dimensions.


Bakugan Enlargement[edit]


Caused your Bakugan to load in an enormous size, forcing you to zoom out in order to see it.

Continuous brawls[edit]

Sometimes, after brawling someone, it would automatically start over.

Cut-off Action Bar[edit]

Occurs when the action bar and the chat box get cut off at the bottom. This could prevent you from reaching the settings or using the chat box. This glitch could be caused by zooming in on the screen.

Floating Bakugan Glitch[edit]

Sometimes, by clicking a Bakugan in the ready screen, the picture of the closed Bakugan will remain floating everywhere you go. This has happened with Bakugan, Battle Gear, and name labels.

Invisible enemy[edit]

On a rare occasion you can't see your opponent's Bakugan in the battle.

Looped ready screen music[edit]

Sometimes the Ready Screen Music would play on loop until the game was closed, and even played during brawls. And sometimes the brawl music will play when not in a brawl.

Never load[edit]

On occasion, a battle would freeze and never load. The only way to unstick it was by refreshing the page or exiting. This most commonly occurred while brawling another online player, and rarely occurred against NPCs.

Newbie Glitch[edit]

BD glitch.png

A glitch that occurs with many of the newer NPCs, causing their proper team to switch to the Aquos team that Marucho started out with, with a random set of Aquos moves from all Aquos styles. Also, if the NPC had an older version, such as Shun, he may revert to his older team instead of his current team.

No Moves[edit]

In battle when this glitch is in effect, you can only use Battle Gear Attacks or Defenses, BakuNano Attacks of Defenses, Basic Attack, and Basic Block.

Repeating action glitch[edit]

Raptorix while he keeps acting like he is getting hit

There were times when, while your opponent's attack is loading and their Bakugan attacks yours, it will keep performing the action of being hit by an attack. Another version of this glitch is when you've just started a battle and your Bakugan is hit before the opponent is shown to attack. Both Bakugan are invisible at this moment.

Wrong Bakugan[edit]

Caused when selecting Bakugan; rather than sending out the one you chose, it would send out another Bakugan in your team.

Wrong Team Glitch[edit]

On rare occasion, when choosing your Bakugan to brawl with, it will give you choices of a completely random team of Bakugan that you don't even have.

Wrong Placement[edit]

Placement glitch.png

Caused your move bar, attacks, and opponent's attacks to all appear in the middle of the screen. You usually can't see any Bakugan when this happens, and prevents you from playing a basic attack against your enemy.


All Styles Glitch[edit]

Gave you the option to use any Fighting Style, including ones you didn't yet own.

Not a Full Team[edit]

This glitch happened when only one or two of your Bakugan appear when you wish to swap teams, and the space with no Bakugan is blank.

Wrong Stats[edit]

No stats.png

This happens when the stats of your Bakugan aren't what they're supposed to be. They can be zero or the stats of the last Bakugan you used.

World Map[edit]

Avatar malfunction[edit]

Picture 173.png

This glitch often occurred to a NPC in the Downtown area and made her limbs invisible, though it did not affect interaction with her.

It was also capable of occurring with player avatars, particularly if there were a large number of them in a location. There have been instances of avatars becoming hairless, shirtless, shoeless, bald, or even having their entire heads or eyes disappear. In some cases, avatars will show up as blue instead of having features.

Map Switch Glitch[edit]

This happens when you switch from place-to-place on your map too quickly or can sometimes happen when you log on you can still move but you start in the trees.

Roof Glitch[edit]

By clicking on the roof, you could end up on top of a roof and are then stuck there until you jump to a friend.

Wall-Climbing Glitch[edit]

Allowed you to walk up the walls of the School then end up on "top" of the school. After that happens, your avatar is frozen and cannot move from that spot.

Wrong display[edit]

This glitch happens when the displayed Bakugan doesn't match the actual Bakugan that the character has. Also the displayed avatar head might not match the actual character's head.