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Attribute Ventus Ventus
Location Bakugan Interspace Plaza
Level 600

Jason was a NPC (Non-Playable Character) on Bakugan Dimensions. He was located in the Bakugan Interspace Plaza. He was a Ventus brawler.


(When the Player first meets Jason)
"Woah! Check this place out? Are we in Interspace? I think we are. We should brawl. Right here, right now, in Interspace! Or, maybe you'd like to do me a favor?"

(Player selects "I might do you a favor. What is it you want?")
"Marucho asked me to give this Crystal Disk to a guy named Felix Schreber. But Felix is in the Control Room, and I have no idea where it is. Can you find the room and give him this disk?"
(Player selects "Sure, I'll take that Crystal Disk to Felix!")
"Thanks! I have no idea where this place could be. Marucho mumbled something about being hidden in the Stadium somewhere."
(After the Player finishes the quest)
"Thank you so much for bringing the Crystal Disk to Felix. Want to celebrate with a brawl?"

(After being defeated by the Player)
"Oh come on, now. I'm barely just getting here and I'm already getting stomped? I'm heading back to the real world."