List of Bakugan Dimensions Effects

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In Bakugan Dimensions, there were certain effects that can change what your Bakugan can or can't do.


Debuff occurs when your defense allows you to dodge an enemy's attack, or when your defense ends up blocking all damage from your opponent's attack. Some debuffs deal counter damage when the opponent hits or misses.


  • Play a dodge-defense (like Invigorate, Flitting Flames, or Circular Currents) to knock your opponent off guard, costing them not only a move, but also a turn.
  • When your opponent tries to move to any other ranges, always move forward/back to mid-range to keep the debuff effect active, unless you're facing a Ventus Brawler (as most Ventus moves miss at close- and mid-range).


Hasted occurs when a certain defense or Gate Card activates the effect. Your Bakugan will be able to perform two actions no matter what they are. Most Hasted effects are found on the Haos abilities and activate when the Bakugan is winning in the Will stat, but there are rare exceptions such as Mercury Dragonoid's special move, Quicksilver Skin.


  • Dispel an enemy's defense, then attack with a Battle Gear/BakuNano/Bakugan Trap attack or heavy/light/combo attack.
  • Attack twice with heavy/light attacks.
  • Destroy the enemy Gate/defense, then slow the opponent with an ability or attack effect.


Immobilized is an effect that stops the affected Bakugan from moving or dodging. This effect is mostly used by the Subterra abilities, but there are notable exceptions. Take full advantage of this effect against Pyrus or Ventus Fighting Styles.


  • As soon as you immobilize your opponent with attacks like Electric Shock or Dragonoid Earthquake, use your next turn to exceed your opponent with Heavy/Light attacks and maybe even some Combos.
  • This is an excellent condition to inflict on Adaptability, as it prevents them from moving to far-range and it renders their notorious interrupt defenses useless, giving you a window to hit them directly.
  • Inflict this condition on an opponent if you suspect they're about to use an interrupt-defense, as it will prevent them from dodging your attacks.


Slowed is a common effect found on most Ventus and Subterra abilities. It makes it so that the opponent is only capable of making one action per turn, regardless of whether or not the action was Fast.


  • For Ventus players, use a combination of Typhoon Strike and Wind Burst or Blasting Gale, since Typhoon Strike allows you to take an extra turn while both Wind Burst and Blasting Gale slow the opponent afterwards.
  • For Subterra players, if you manage to successfully slow the opponent, then it's best to completely open up with your attacks and forget about defenses, as chances are the opponent will end up using their one action to defend rather than to attack you.


Steadfasted is an effect that prevents your opponent from starting combos against your Bakugan. It also prevents the opponent from using moves that do not match their attribute, which can be potent against multi-attribute Fighting Styles. It is primarily used by Subterra, but there are rare exceptions.


  • Use this when fighting multi-attribute styles such as Lava Floes or Storm and Spitfire to prevent your opponent from using a good deal of their moves. However, keep in mind this doesn't work against Clear Bakugan.
  • Try to activate this when you're about to go a turn without a defense as a layer of protection from vicious combos like the ones you would find from Darkus and Pyrus users.