The Brawler's Last Stand

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The Brawler's Last Stand
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Season Bakugan Battle Brawlers
Episode No. 28
Previous Show Down
Next Nightmare in Doomsville

The Brawler's Last Stand is the 28th episode of Bakugan Battle Brawlers. It aired on March 16, 2008 in English.


The Brawlers find themselves grieving the loss of their friends, Dan and Drago, who are in the Doom Dimension. When Shun receives a challenge from Masquerade to brawl, he decides to join his friend Dan even if it means losing to Masquerade. Even though Shun tries to keep his plan a secret, Skyress decides to tell the other Guardian Bakugan about Shun's plan. The other Brawlers catch on after finding their Bakugan after joyriding on a roller skate, trying to somehow enter the Doom Dimension on their own. The Brawlers decide to rescue Dan from the Doom Dimension by allowing Masquerade to beat them. Runo calls Dan's mom, Miyoko, to tell her that Dan will be coming home soon. Worried about Runo's mysterious message, Miyoko searches and sees Dan's friends and a masked brawler in an abandoned factory. But before she could get there, Runo and Dan's friends vanished. When she asked the masked brawler where's Dan and his friends, he leaves the scene only to say, "Doom Dimension."

Major events[edit]

  • Dan and Drago arrive in the Doom Dimension, where they encounter Reaper again.
  • Miyoko becomes concerned with Dan's absence and realizes that Bakugan is more than only a game.
  • The other Brawlers, minus Alice, battle Masquerade and lose on purpose so they can go to the Doom Dimension and get Dan back.
  • Six mysterious Bakugan witness the Brawlers' arrival in the Doom Dimension.

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