GATE 010

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GATE 010

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Icon-BAA-Fusion.png: Some Bakugan are special Icon-BAA-Fusion.png Bakugan. If one of these Bakugan lands on a Gate Card with a Icon-BAA-Fusion.png icon, use the Icon-power.png listed on the Icon-BAA-Fusion.png side of that Bakugan's Character Card instead of the Icon-power.png shown on the toy.
Series: Armored Alliance
Type: Gate Card
Faction Bonuses:
BBP Pyrus.svg Pyrus: 500
BBP Aquos.svg Aquos: 200
BBP Ventus.svg Ventus: 0
BBP Haos.svg Haos: 400
BBP Aurelus.svg Aurelus: 100
BBP Darkus.svg Darkus: 300

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