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Attribute Pyrus Pyrus

Cyndeous is a knight-like Bakugan that appears in Bakugan Battle Planet that will be released in a future wave. He was originally owned by Marco Chezanello, but Marco's actions as a mean and bully Brawler causes Cyndeous to leave his partner and become Dan Kouzo's second partner Bakugan.


Cyndeous writes his own rules. He is stoic and fierce. He's not afraid to challenge his partner when he believes in a different strategy or it goes against his values. He likes to play pranks and provoke, and believe he’s the best looking Bakugan of all time! Aligning with Dan and company slowly helps Cyndeous realize that he can trust his instincts and be masterful warrior he believes himself to be.


Bakugan Battle Planet[edit]

Pyrus Cyndeous is originally under the control of Marco Chezanello, and although he shows signs of disagreeing with Marco's actions. Marco uses Cyndeous to bully the Rowdy Reds out of their park at Costero Canyada. Cyndeous follows Marco's orders, despite their cruelty, due to his lack of knowledge about Earth being exploited by Marco. As Dan is initially rolling Drago onto the Hide Matrix, Marco orders Cyndeous to knock Drago away, sending him flying into the trees. After Marco traps Trox and Gorthion into a hidden pit, Cyndeous shows more signs of disagreement with Marco, wishing to fit honorably and not attack two defenseless Bakugan. However, he proceeds with his attack after Marco demands it. Marco then orders Cyndeous to attack the brawlers themselves, which Cyndeous objects to. Marcos cruel demands cause Cyndeous to fly in a fit of rage, and summon fire balls to ravage the ground. Cyndeous also sends an attack towards Marco, but it is blocked by Drago. Cyndeous wails on Drago, but is knocked off by Trox and Gorthion. As Drago counterattacks, Cyndeous snaps out of his rage, and directly tells Marco that he will no longer obey his cowardly commands. Seeing Cyndeous' desire to no longer brawl, Dan calls the brawl off. Later that day, Cyndeous ends his partnership with Marco. Seeing Dan's honorable actions during brawl, he asks if he could become one of Dan's Bakugan, which Dan accepts.[1]

Cyndeous joins Dan's team, sparring with Wynton and Trox. After the session, Wynton, seeing potential for a prank, detonates a paint bomb next to Trox and Cyndeous while they are in their ball forms discussing the training, filming the experience for views. This upsets Trox, as he does not like being the butt of Wynton's jokes, and he heads off into the surrounding forest alone. Cyndeous witnesses the argument between Wynton and Trox, and is drawn into when Wynton wagers that if Trox can beat Cyndeous, Drago, and Gorthion, that he can do whatever he wants, included finding a new partner. Trox accepts, and takes a three-on-one brawl against the other three Bakugan. Trox deftly dodges all the attacks of the other three Bakugan. The three surround Trox and attack at the same time, but Trox tricks them by creating a hole underneath him using Rock Riser, causing the other Bakugan to attack each other. This wins Trox the brawl, and the wager.As the victor, Trox begins to walk away from his former partner, set on pursuing his new life. Wynton regrets his decisions, and asks Trox to come back, apologizing saying that he'll make no more pranks videos. Trox accepts his apology, and remains with the Awesome Ones. The team takes down their prank videos, losing a large amount of views, but retaining the trust of Trox.[2]

Cyndeous films new videos with the Awesome Ones, testing out Lia's new drone technology.[3]

Beyond the Brawl[edit]

Non-Canon Information
The information in this section is non-canon. It is purely for entertainment and has no bearing on the plot of Bakugan Battle Planet.

In Teamwork Makes the Dream Work, Cyndeous, Drago, and Gorthion are hiding in the Studio D, keeping an eye on Nillius as he attempts to taunt Drago into a brawl. After a failed attempt by Gorthion, Cyndeous steps in and uses Volcanic Lance against Nillious, but misses and is taken out by Shadow Breath.[4]

Physical Game[edit]


Cyndeous Ultra Bakulog
Character Card Image Faction B-Power Damage Rating Paired BakuCores Included In
Cyndeous Ultra (Pyrus Card) 352 CC BB.PNG Pyrus Cyndeous Ultra (open).png Pyrus Pyrus Icon-power.png200 6 Icon-damage.png Battle Planet Shield BakuCore.pngBattle Planet Shield BakuCore.png
  • Pyrus Cyndeous Ultra Single Pack
CyndeousAquosUltra.jpg Aquos Cyndeous Ultra (open).png Aquos Aquos Icon-power.png300 4 Icon-damage.png Battle Planet Fist BakuCore.pngBakuCore Helix Symbol.png
  • Aquos Cyndeous Ultra Single Pack
Cyndeous Ultra (Darkus Card) 311 CC BB.jpg Darkus Cyndeous Ultra (open).png Darkus Darkus Icon-power.png300 1 Icon-damage.png Battle Planet Fist BakuCore.pngBakuCore Helix Symbol.png

Currently, the regular version of Cyndeous has been seen in Pyrus and Darkus. The Bakugan Ultra version has been seen in Pyrus and Aquos.

Core Cyndeous is currently unreleased.


Cyndeous Evos
Evo Card Faction Name Energy Cost B-Power Damage Rating Evolves From
Cyndeous (Diamond Card) 135 CO BR.jpg Diamond Cyndeous Diamond Diamond/Pyrus Pyrus 6 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png Icon-power.png700 14 Icon-damage.png Evolved from Pyrus Cyndeous
Titan Cyndeous (Darkus Card) 117 CO BR.jpg Darkus Titan Cyndeous Darkus Darkus 5 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png Icon-power.png1000 10 Icon-damage.png Evolved from Darkus Cyndeous

Cyndeous Ultra Evos
Evo Card Faction Name Energy Cost B-Power Damage Rating Evolves From
Cyndeous Ultra (Diamond Card) 136 RA BR.jpg Diamond Cyndeous Ultra Diamond Diamond/Pyrus Pyrus 4 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png Icon-power.png1000 4 Icon-damage.png Evolved from Pyrus Cyndeous Ultra
Titan Cyndeous Ultra (Aquos Card) 95 AR BR.jpg Aquos Titan Cyndeous Ultra Aquos Aquos 5 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png Icon-power.png1000 5 Icon-damage.png Evolved from Aquos Cyndeous Ultra
Hyper Cyndeous Ultra (Darkus Card) 109 SR BR HEX.jpg Darkus Hyper Cyndeous Ultra Darkus Darkus 4 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png Icon-power.png900 5 Icon-damage.png Evolved from Darkus Cyndeous Ultra



Physical Game[edit]

Character Art[edit]