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In the Bakugan Battle Planet toyline/trading card game all Ability Cards have a Card rarity such as Common or Rare. The rarer the card, the harder it is to pull from a Card booster pack. Character Cards do not have rarities.

Currently there are five types of rarities:

  • Common (CO)
  • Rare (RA)
  • Super Rare (SR)
  • Awesome Rare (AR)
  • Bakugan Elite (BE)

Additionally, cards have the chance to be FOIL/HEX (holographic), therefore, HEX Common is rarer than Common Cards. The true rarest card one could pull is a HEX Bakugan Elite Card.

Bakugan Elite[edit]

Bakugan Elite is the highest rarity of Ability Cards in the Bakugan Battle Planet toy-line. Technically, HEX/Holographic versions of Bakugan Elite are the true rarest cards one can collect.