Bakugan Battle Arena (Generation 3)

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Arena and packaging

The Bakugan Battle Arena is a plastic arena released during Bakugan (2023). The arena provides a flat surface with gaps that can fit up to 4 Gate Cards which is very useful when using Special Attack Bakugan.


Own the ultimate space for epic battles with the customizable Bakugan Battle Arena. Build your Battle Arena with Clan Flags and Sparring Totems to create unique obstacles. Slide, spin and strike you Bakugan on different obstacles with spinners and paddles for unique gameplay. Store, roll and display your Bakugan at the base and film the action on the built in phone holder to get the best angle of your Bakugan Battle Brawlers. This Arena includes an exclusive Special Attack (Spinning) Dragonoid Bakugan; and trading cards to help you jump into the action. Use the XL rip cord to spin your exclusive Bakugan or roll your assembled Bakugan on the Gate Cards to watch them transform with the iconic pop open transformations. Each Bakugan set includes a special code to use in the online game, Roblox for new ways to play and interact. Level up by swapping out the walls with Training Sets (sold separately) to customize your playset and experience your own rival clan battles at home. Add all the new Bakugan, hot toys as your new favorite collectibles, including other Special Attack and Battle Packs (each sold separately). Become the ultimate brawler with the Bakugan Battle Arena.[1]



  • In the official unboxing of the arena on YouTube/Amazon, they refer to the 'Sparring Totems' as 'Strikers' instead.