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Gender Female

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I am the core; defend the core...

Abyss is a character exclusive to Bakugan: Defenders of the Core. She is considered the goddess-guardian of the Earth's "core", and was the one responsible in alternate Bakugan Interspace to take the Player to her reality.


Abyss has a feminine humanoid figure shrouded in a light blue glow. She appears to wear a long dress that covers where her feet would be, and has either long "hair" or a long veil that extends down to where her knees would be.



Spectra is after her for the whole game to power-up Maxus Helios. The only one who can see her is the player of the game, making the alternate Battle Brawlers think he's crazy. Throughout the story, she evolves your Bakugan. She first evolves Neo Dragonoid into Cross Dragonoid, then the player chooses a Bakugan to evolve one at a time after a level.

She is the alternate Earth's "core". She seems to get power from landmarks and holograms. Also, she grows weaker as landmarks are destroyed and Vexos Crystals are made. She is temporarily killed during the battle at the Earth's core, as the Player is forced to kill her to prevent Maxus Helios from absorbing all her power and becoming undefeatable. Later, after you defeat Maxus Helios, Abyss is reborn and she allows the Battle Brawlers to brawl.