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Dan Kouzo (Generation 3)

For other instances of the name Dan in the Bakugan franchise, see Dan.

Dan Kouzo is a character that appears in the 2023 Bakugan series. He is the leader of the Misfit Clan and his partner is Dragonoid.

Dan Kouzo
Dan Kouzo Generation 3 front.png
Race Human
Age 13
Gender Male
Brawling Information
Bakugan Dragonoid
First appearance Fire In The Sky
Voiced by Mike Taylor



Dan is a laid back guy who likes to crack jokes and really likes food. He likes to take risks and be a daredevil, further being boosted by his discovery of Bakugan. It is shown in Fire In The Sky that before Dan discovered Brawling, he tried all sorts of activities such as hockey, swimming, and chess. When the Bakugan came to Earth, everything changed for him. He found out that battling was in his blood and thus unleashed his hot-headed personality.


Bakugan (2023)Edit

Dan and Drago first meet each other

In Fire In The Sky, Dan Kouzo retells the story about how a year ago he and his friends met the Bakugan who crash landed on Earth. Amongst them were Drago, Trox, and Ventri. Unfortunately for the Brawlers, they learned the Bakugan didn't get along with each other, causing the military and scientist to investigate the Bakugan and explain who they were to the public.