Haos Aurelus Pegatrix x Goreene Ultra (Shields of Vestroia, 259)

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BBP Haos.svg BBP Aurelus.svg Pegatrix x Goreene Ultra
Pegatrix x Goreene Ultra (Aurelus Card) ENG 259b EC SV.png
When you turn this face up, DrawaCard icon.png 2 (Draw 2 Cards).
Card Type:

Epic Fusion Character Card

Series: Armored Alliance

link=Bakugan Haos/Aurelus


Battle Planet Shield BakuCore.png

Battle Planet Fist BakuCore.png

B-Power: Icon-power.png 1200
Damage: 9 Icon-damage.png
Set: Shields of Vestroia
Serial: 259b_EC_SV
Artist: Unknown

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  • The stats on this card, with the exception of a lack of FrostStrike, are identical to Aquos Aurelus Pharol x Gillator Ultra (Shields of Vestroia), and its Character Card position suggests it was supposed to be the Epic Character Card Version of it. However, unless it is confirmed as such, this card shall be marked as unusable.
    • If it is confirmed as such, then the Faction combination will be corrected to Aquos/Aurelus.