Haos Sluggler (Secrets of the Geogan)

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BBP Haos.svg Sluggler
Sluggler (Haos Card) ENG 189 RA SG.png
This card has no effect.
Card Type: Geogan Card
Series: Geogan Rising


Energy: 3 Battle Planet Energy Symbol.png
B-Power: Icon-power.png 1400
Damage: 7 Icon-damage.png
Set: Secrets of the Geogan
Serial: 189_RA_SG

Featured With[edit]


  • This card represents a Geogan that was also printed in Bakugan: Evolutions with a differing card. It is currently unknown if the Geogan from that year can use this card, or if the Geogan this is paired with can use that year's card.

Included In[edit]