Baliton Shoot

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Ability Card exclusive to Baliton. Use this Ability Card before shooting.
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Before shooting Bakugan you can shoot a ball tennis. If you stand and shoot, you stay on the gate card. When a battle occurs, put it in the Used Usability Slot. |- |Series: | Bakugan: New Vestroia |- |Type: | Red Ability Card |- ! colspan="2" | Attribute Bonuses: |- |- |Pyrus.svg Pyrus: | N/A |- |Aquos.svg Aquos: | N/A |- |Subterra.svg Subterra: | N/A |- |Haos.svg Haos: | N/A |- |Darkus.svg Darkus: | N/A |- |Ventus.svg Ventus: | N/A |- |- ! colspan="2" |29/48q |- |}

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  • Hexstar could actually be mistaken as Baliton since in the photo it looks more like a cyber Bakugan Trap. Also the same image from Spirit Sabre is used on this card.