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Colors are often used as a secondary way to denote Attribute or Faction - Pyrus Bakugan are often red, Aquos Bakugan are often blue, accounting for differences such as Special Treatment Bakugan. During the third Generation of Bakugan, colors became independent from the Clan system, but still remain a system of organizing Bakugan. Each Bakugan in this Generation has an intrinsic Clan they belong to, and can come in a number of different colors. For example, each Nillious belongs to the Dragon Clan, but can be green, red, or potentially other colors.

Primary ColorsEdit

There are five Colors used in the Main and Street Brawl lines. A Bakugan's Color is shown by the color of the border on its character card

Name Symbol Color Scheme Notes
Red   Red, Dark Red, Orange, and Yellow. Every Red Bruiser uses the color scheme of Brown, Tan, Orange, and Yellow. Despite this unique color scheme it uses the same character card border as other Red Bakugan. Every Red Flame has an Orange toy, but nonetheless is considered as a Red Bakugan, and uses the same border.
Blue   Blue, Teal, Light-Blue, and White.
Green   Lime, Dark Green, Yellow, and Pale-Lime. Core Green Smoke uses the color scheme of Lime, Red and Orange. Despite this unique color scheme it uses the same character card border as other Green Bakugan.
White   White, Dark-Azure, Light-Gray, and Light-Blue.
Black/Purple   Black, Dark-Purple, Yellow, and Silver This Color has been inconsistently referred to as both Black and Purple. It appears to be represented by a Purple circle on Brawler Cards but by a Black box on the checklist.

Black/Purple Bakugan are the only non-Titanium Bakugan to use silver paint.

Secondary ColorsEdit

There are five additional Colors used in the B.A.M. Boost line instead of the primary Colors. Unlike the primary Colors, each of these Colors are tied to a specific Clan.

All Bakugan of these Colors are the main color with metallic blue paint. It is currently unknown if these Colors are treated the same as the primary Colors in game play or not.

Name Symbol Clan Closest Primary Color
Brown and Blue     Closest to Red.
Blue and Blue     Identical to Blue.
Green and Blue     Identical to Green with Blue stripes.
Yellow and Blue     Debatably closest to White or Green. Character Cards use White monster art.
Purple and Blue     Closest to Black/Purple but a much lighter more pink hued shade.