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Example of a Character Card.

A Character Card is a type of Card that always comes alongside a Bakugan in order to identify the Bakugan and show its stats. They are not Ability Cards so they have a different design on the back of the card; this also means they do not have a Card rarity like Rare or Bakugan Elite. Character Cards are required to play the Toy Battling Game and Trading Card Game. Character Cards also are required to evolve Bakugan.

Starting in Armored Alliance, Character Cards that come with Bakugan, i.e. not in Booster Packs, will not contain any effect text. Beginning with the second card series of the season, Fusion Force, the full Character Card, the one with the full effect text, will be inserted as an eleventh card in Booster Packs, these are known as Epic Character Cards.

A Character Card displays:

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