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The Bakugan Wiki is a free and independent wiki that covers the entirety of the Bakugan franchise, which anyone can edit. We have existed since March 11, 2008 and have over 5500 pages, containing content from the original Battle Brawlers to the ongoing Battle Planet, as well as the Japanese BakuTech series.


Bakugan Battle Planet Starter Pack - Pyrus Gorthion.jpg

Some more images of Wave 3 product has been discovered, with some interesting combinations. There are now more images of Bakugan Starter Packs and Battle Sets, many heavily featuring Wave 3 Ultras. It's beginning to reach the end of the contents of the BakuLog, so we may see some exciting news in the near future...

For more information, see the latest news post.


Latest Episodes

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The latest episodes of Bakugan Battle Planet are episode 29 All Jungled Up, and episode 30, Outer Demons, which aired on March 2nd, 2019.

Upcoming episodes

Latest Releases

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The latest known release is Wave 3 of Battle Brawlers. This set been released in Canada and certain parts of the United States in the second half of March 2019. In addition, the second Bakugan card series, Bakugan Resurgence, has been released early in a small number of Wal-Marts.

This set contains the following Bakugan and products (in order of Faction):


Starter Packs:

Battle Packs:

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