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| [[Critical 3 Shoot!]]
| [[Critical 3 Shoot!]]
| [[Red Ability Cards|Red]]
| [[Red Ability Cards|Red]]
| [[Ability Card]]
| BTC322-AB
| [[File:Fire Order 322-AB.png|125px]]
| [[Fire Order]]
| [[Blue Ability Cards|Blue]]
| [[Ability Card]]
| [[Ability Card]]
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| [[File:4979750778612_2.jpg|125px]]
| [[File:4979750778612_2.jpg|125px]]
| [[Shoot Refrain]]
| [[Shoot Refrain]]
| [[Red Ability Cards|Red]]
| [[Ability Card]]
| BTC418-AB
| [[File:418-AB.png|125px]]
| [[BTC418-AB]]
| [[Red Ability Cards|Red]]
| [[Red Ability Cards|Red]]
| [[Ability Card]]
| [[Ability Card]]

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BTC-AB is a card series in BakuTech. It contains the Ability Cards.

Regular Releases[edit]

Number Image Card Name Color Card Type
BTC101-AB Bac101criticalvolcane.jpg Critical Volcano Red Ability Card
BTC102-AB Bac102battlevoid.jpg Battle Void Red Ability Card
BTC103-AB Bac103virtualeffect.jpg Virtual Effect Red Ability Card
BTC104-AB Bac104destroyability.jpg Destroy Ability Red Ability Card
BTC105-AB Bac105burningstorm.jpg Burning Storm Red Ability Card
BTC106-AB Bac106waterconfuse.jpg Water Confuse Red Ability Card
BTC107-AB Bac107buffalodash.jpg Buffalo Dash Red Ability Card
BTC108-AB Bac108stardustcrash.jpg Stardust Crash Red Ability Card
BTC109-AB Bac109moonlightbonus.jpg Moonlight Bonus Red Ability Card
BTC110-AB Bac110twinshoot.jpg Twin Shoot Red Ability Card
BTC111-AB Bac111flareenergy.jpg Flare Energy Blue Ability Card
BTC112-AB Bac112destroyenergy.jpg Destroy Energy Blue Ability Card
BTC113-AB Bac113deltapower.jpg Delta Power Blue Ability Card
BTC114-AB Bac114infinitypower.jpg Infinity Power Blue Ability Card
BTC115-AB Bac115endlesschaos.jpg Endless Chaos Blue Ability Card
BTC116-AB Bac116alphapower.jpg Alpha Power Blue Ability Card
BTC117-AB Bac117falaremetalcross.jpg Falare Metal Cross Blue Ability Card
BTC118-AB Bac118destroymetalsole.jpg Destroy Metal Sole Blue Ability Card
BTC119-AB Bac119stormytyphoon.jpg Stormy Typhoon Blue Ability Card
BTC120-AB Bac120crashbattle.jpg Crash Battle Blue Ability Card
BTC121-AB Bac121flareknuckle.jpg Flare Knuckle Green Ability Card
BTC122-AB Bac122flareexplosion.jpg Flare Explosion Green Ability Card
BTC123-AB Bac123dethorchestra.jpg Deth Orchestra Green Ability Card
BTC124-AB Bac124dethbusterzero.jpg Dethbuster-Zero Green Ability Card
BTC125-AB Bac125thermalenergystruggle.jpg Thermal Energy Struggle Green Ability Card
BTC126-AB Bac126goryexchange.jpg Glory Exchange Green Ability Card
BTC127-AB Bac127thunderstorm.jpg Thunder Storm Green Ability Card
BTC128-AB Bac128streamtrap.jpg Stream Trap Green Ability Card
BTC129-AB Bac129engelorevil.jpg Engel or Evil Green Ability Card
BTC130-AB Powerspot.jpg Power Spot Green Ability Card
BTC131-AB Accriticalreserv.jpg Critical Reservation Red Ability Card
BTC132-AB KilanField.png Kilan Field Red Ability Card
BTC133-AB Acstealthfighter.jpg Stealth Fighter Red Ability Card
BTC134-AB FalconWarp.png Falcon Warp Red Ability Card
BTC135-AB Akami5544-img600x450-1290263620tf9fg932128.jpg Orbit Typhoon 55 Red Ability Card
BTC136-AB BTC136-AB.jpg Aurora Vortex Red Ability Card
BTC137-AB MienaiKabe.png Mienai Kabe Red Ability Card
BTC138-AB BTC138-AB.jpg Re:Mistic Erico Red Ability Card
BTC139-AB BTC139-AB.jpg Baku-Tech Flare Shoot Red Ability Card
BTC140-AB BTC140-AB.jpg Critical Sniper Red Ability Card
BTC141-AB AbilityRepeat.png Ability Repeat Red Ability Card
BTC142-AB Acchaosoftheworld.jpg Chaos of the World Red Ability Card
BTC143-AB SilenceBarricade.png Silence Barricade Red Ability Card
BTC144-AB BTC144-AB.jpg Kilan Metal Cross Blue Ability Card
BTC145-AB MysticLauncher.png Mistic Launcher Blue Ability Card
BTC147-AB KonjikinoYasha.png Konjikino Yasha Blue Ability Card
BTC148-AB BTC148-AB.jpg Lightning Triple Play Blue Ability Card
BTC149-AB BTC149-AB.jpg Earth Song Blue Ability Card
BTC150-AB BTC150-AB.jpg Final Match Blue Ability Card
BTC151-AB Akami5544-img600x450-1290554022uhuacy292.jpg Leoness Attack Green Ability Card
BTC152-AB Patryk Jan Cesarz 20 HAOSWOLF (36).jpg Leoness Gorengeki Green Ability Card
BTC153-AB BTC153-AB.jpg Destroy Hercules Green Ability Card
BTC155-AB BTC155-AB.jpg Burning Assault Green Ability Card
BTC156-AB Akami5544-img600x450-1290263003on0peo92936-00.jpg Orbit Cross Force Green Ability Card
BTC157-AB Ackingshowl.jpg King's Howl Green Ability Card
BTC158-AB BTC158-AB.jpg Orbit Prism Green Ability Card
BTC159-AB BTC159-AB.jpg Dice Key Green Ability Card
BTC160-AB Threetuenh.jpg Three Turn Hold Green Ability Card
BTC161-AB BTC161-AB.jpg Diastrophism Red Ability Card
BTC162-AB BTC162-AB.jpg Dio Savac Red Ability Card
BTC163-AB BTC163-AB.jpg Iron Castle Green Ability Card
BTC164-AB BTC164-AB.jpg Dio Expellant Green Ability Card
BTC165-AB BTC165 AB 101207.jpg Long End Zero Red Ability Card
BTC166-AB BTC166 AB 101207.jpg Double Flare Shoot Red Ability Card
BTC167-AB BTC167-AB.jpg Shooting Marionette Red Ability Card
BTC168-AB BTC168-AB.jpg Lonely Castle Red Ability Card
BTC169-AB BTC169-AB.jpg Aqua Aquas Red Ability Card
BTC170-AB BTC170-AB.jpg Saint Smoke Red Ability Card
BTC171-AB Battle31.jpg Battle!Battle!Battle!! Red Ability Card
BTC172-AB BTC172-AB.jpg Critical Forever Red Ability Card
BTC173-AB BTC173-AB.jpg Light Void Red Ability Card
BTC174-AB BTC174-AB.jpg Dark Void Red Ability Card
BTC175-AB Crystalstream1.jpg Crystal Stream Blue Ability Card
BTC176-AB BTC176-AB.jpg Metal Weapon Savac Blue Ability Card
BTC177-AB BTC177-AB.jpg Immovable Rock Blue Ability Card
BTC178-AB BTC178-AB.jpg Flare Assault Blue Ability Card
BTC179-AB BTC179-AB.jpg Flare Impact Blue Ability Card
BTC180-AB BTC180-AB.jpg Upper High-Light Blue Ability Card
BTC181-AB BTC181 AB 101207.jpg Flare Steelers Green Ability Card
BTC182-AB BTC182 AB 101207.jpg Hakai-Senkoku Green Ability Card
BTC183-AB BTC183-AB.jpg Despair Green Ability Card
BTC184-AB BTC184-AB.jpg Dio Despair Green Ability Card
BTC185-AB Holystream1.jpg Holy Stream Green Ability Card
BTC186-AB BTC186-AB.jpg Inundation Noah Green Ability Card
BTC187-AB BTC187-AB.jpg Prominence Knuckle Green Ability Card
BTC188-AB BTC188-AB.jpg Turbulence Green Ability Card
BTC189-AB BTC189-AB.jpg Transfer Fortress Green Ability Card
BTC190-AB BTC190-AB.jpg Lightning Barrier Green Ability Card
BTC191-AB Fightingfist.jpg Fighting Fist Red Ability Card
BTC192-AB Abilityrevive.jpg Ability Revive Red Ability Card
BTC193-AB Universaltri.jpg Universal Triangle Red Ability Card
BTC194-AB Senrigan.jpg Senri-Gan Red Ability Card
BTC195-AB Flaretrinity.jpg Flare Trinity Blue Ability Card
BTC196-AB Air Force(JP).jpg Air Force Blue Ability Card
BTC197-AB BTC197-AB.jpg Gran Trinity Blue Ability Card
BTC198-AB BTC198-AB.jpg Kinjishi Blue Ability Card
BTC199-AB Combattriangle.jpg Combat Triangle Green Ability Card
BTC200-AB Ultimateunion.jpg Ultimate Union Green Ability Card
BTC201-AB Survivalshield.jpg Survival Shield Green Ability Card
BTC202-AB Grandchaos.jpg Grand Chaos Green Ability Card
BTC203-AB BTC203-AB.jpg Flare Shot Red Ability Card
BTC204-AB BTC204-AB.jpg Darkness Shot Red Ability Card
BTC205-AB Lightningshot.jpg Lightning Shot Red Ability Card
BTC206-AB BTC206-AB.jpg Windy Shot Red Ability Card
BTC207-AB Gaiashot.jpg Gaia Shot Red Ability Card
BTC208-AB BTC208-AB.jpg Stream Shot Red Ability Card
BTC209-AB BTC209-AB.jpg Evil Buster Flare Red Ability Card
BTC210-AB BTC210-AB.jpg Evil Buster Darkness Red Ability Card
BTC211-AB BTC211-AB.jpg Evil Buster Saint Red Ability Card
BTC212-AB Eblightning.jpg Evil Buster Lightning Red Ability Card
BTC213-AB BTC213-AB.jpg Evil Buster Earth Red Ability Card
BTC214-AB BTC214-AB.jpg Evil Buster Sky Red Ability Card
BTC215-AB BTC215-AB.jpg Victory Cry Red Ability Card
BTC216-AB Diobreak.jpg Dio Break Red Ability Card
BTC217-AB Patryk Jan Cesarz P.jpg Saint Revival Red Ability Card
BTC218-AB BTC218-AB.jpg Low Power Fight Blue Ability Card
BTC219-AB BTC219-AB.jpg Hot Spirit Blue Ability Card
BTC220-AB BTC220-AB.jpg Beautiful Thunder Blue Ability Card
BTC221-AB BTC221-AB.jpg Delicious Order Blue Ability Card
BTC222-AB BTC222-AB.jpg Dangerous Order Blue Ability Card
BTC223-AB BTC223-AB.jpg Flare Friendship Green Ability Card
BTC224-AB BTC224-AB.jpg Saint Friendship Green Ability Card
BTC225-AB BTC225-AB.jpg Lightning Friendship Green Ability Card
BTC226-AB BTC226-AB.jpg Darkness Friendship Green Ability Card
BTC227-AB BTC227-AB.jpg Gaia Friendship Green Ability Card
BTC228-AB BTC228-AB.jpg Sky Friendship Green Ability Card
BTC229-AB Leadoff Attack.jpg Leadoff Attack Green Ability Card
BTC230-AB Leadoff Attack.jpg Leadoff Attack Green Ability Card
BTC230-AB BTC230-AB.jpg Seal a Evil Green Ability Card
BTC231-AB BTC231-AB.jpg Darkness Earth Green Ability Card
BTC232-AB BTC232-AB.jpg Legend of Brave Green Ability Card
BTC233-AB Grenflareshoot.jpg Gren Flare Shoot Red Ability Card
BTC234-AB Grenshield.jpg Gren Shield Red Ability Card
BTC236-AB Criticalbusterzero.jpg Critical Buster Zero Red Ability Card
BTC237-AB Destroyabilityzero.jpg Destroy Ability Zero Red Ability Card
BTC238-AB BTC238-AB.jpg Denki Blan Red Ability Card
BTC239-AB BTC239-AB.jpg Shibire Blan Red Ability Card
BTC240-AB BTC240-AB.jpg Lonely Castle Red Ability Card
BTC241-AB BTC241-AB.jpg Aqua Transformation Red Ability Card
BTC242-AB Blightwall.jpg Blight Wall Red Ability Card
BTC243-AB Powerlevel50.jpg Power Level 50% Red Ability Card
BTC244-AB BTC244-AB.jpg Double Flare Shoot Red Ability Card
BTC245-AB BTC245-AB.jpg Falcon Field Red Ability Card
BTC246-AB BTC246-AB.jpg Battle!Battle!Battle!! Red Ability Card
BTC247-AB BTC247-AB.jpg Freedom Field Red Ability Card
BTC248-AB BTC248-AB.jpg Deadly Field Red Ability Card
BTC250-AB BTC250-AB.jpg Lost Power#1 Blue Ability Card
BTC251-AB BTC251-AB.jpg Lost Power#2 Blue Ability Card
BTC252-AB BTC252-AB.jpg Deth Flame Blue Ability Card
BTC253-AB BTC253-AB.jpg Saint Glide Blue Ability Card
BTC254-AB BTC254-AB.jpg Grand Blight Blue Ability Card
BTC255-AB BTC255-AB.jpg Darkness Order Blue Ability Card
BTC256-AB Amplifypower.jpg Amplify Power Blue Ability Card
BTC257-AB Flare Formation 257-AB.png Flare Formation Blue Ability Card
BTC258-AB BTC258-AB.jpg Destroy Formation Blue Ability Card
BTC259-AB Grenknuckle.jpg Gren Knuckle Green Ability Card
BTC260-AB Grenexplosion.jpg Gren Explosion Green Ability Card
BTC261-AB Dethorchestrazero.jpg Deth Orchestra Zero Green Ability Card
BTC262-AB Epiloguezero.jpg Epilogue Zero Green Ability Card
BTC263-AB Moonshoult.jpg Moon Shoult Green Ability Card
BTC264-AB BTC264-AB.jpg Blan Power Charge Green Ability Card
BTC265-AB BTC265-AB.jpg Blan de Electric Green Ability Card
BTC266-AB Leoness Five Claw 266-AB.png Leoness's Five Claw Green Ability Card
BTC267-AB BTC267-AB.jpg Volcanic Assault Green Ability Card
BTC268-AB Aquareverse.jpg Aqua Reverse Green Ability Card
BTC269-AB BTC269-AB.jpg Savac Party Green Ability Card
BTC270-AB BTC270-AB.jpg Forced Termination Green Ability Card
BTC271-AB Power Spot 271-AB.png Power Spot Green Ability Card
BTC272-AB BTC272-AB.jpg Gate Void#1 Green Ability Card
BTC273-AB BTC273-AB.jpg Gate Void#2 Green Ability Card
BTC274-AB Metalhammer.jpg Metal Hammer Green Ability Card
BTC275-AB Afterwars.jpg After Wars Green Ability Card
BTC276-AB BTC276-AB.jpg Winning Flash Green Ability Card
BTC277-AB GrenStandBreaker.jpg Gren Stand Breaker Red Ability Card
BTC278-AB ZeroStandBreaker1.jpg Zero Stand Breaker Red Ability Card
BTC279-AB GrenMetalCross.jpg Gren Metal Cross Blue Ability Card
BTC283-AB 283bondsofblackmetal.jpg Bonds of Black Metal Red Ability Card
BTC284-AB BTC284-AB.jpg Deadly Driver Red Ability Card
BTC285-AB BTC285-AB.jpg Denki Blan Red Ability Card
BTC286-AB BTC286-AB.jpg Mother Sea Red Ability Card
BTC287-AB BTC287-AB.jpg Teleporter Red Ability Card
BTC288-AB BTC288-AB.jpg Killer Sniper Red Ability Card
BTC289-AB BTC289-AB.jpg Unnamed Song Red Ability Card
BTC290-AB BTC290-AB.jpg Struck Out Red Ability Card
BTC291-AB BTC291-AB.jpg Gren Five Red Ability Card
BTC292-AB BTC292-AB.jpg Beginning Field Red Ability Card
BTC293-AB BTC293-AB.jpg Ability Scope Red Ability Card
BTC294-AB BTC294-AB.jpg Metal Crying Red Ability Card
BTC295-AB BTC295-AB.jpg End of Zero Gate Red Ability Card
BTC296-AB 296gavliselector.jpg Gavli Selector Red Ability Card
BTC297-AB BTC297-AB.jpg End of Universe Red Ability Card
BTC298-AB BTC298-AB.jpg Bright and Darkness Blue Ability Card
BTC299-AB BTC299-AB.jpg Metal Panic Blue Ability Card
BTC300-AB 300battletactics1.jpg Battle Tactics #1 Blue Ability Card
BTC301-AB 301battletactics2.jpg Battle Tactics #2 Blue Ability Card
BTC302-AB 302battletactics3-1.jpg Battle Tactics #3 Blue Ability Card
BTC303-AB 303giganabilityhold.jpg Gigan Ability Hold Green Ability Card
BTC304-AB BTC304-AB.jpg Convert Panic Green Ability Card
BTC305-AB 305battleover.jpg Battle Over Green Ability Card
BTC306-AB BTC306-AB.jpg Killer Whale Green Ability Card
BTC307-AB BTC307-AB.jpg Colorful World Green Ability Card
BTC308-AB BTC308-AB.jpg Brightening Earth Green Ability Card
BTC309-AB BTC309-AB.jpg Zak Power Hold Green Ability Card
BTC310-AB BTC310-AB.jpg Gavli Poison Hold Green Ability Card
BTC311-AB 311triplegrenbuster.jpg Triple Gren Buster Green Ability Card
BTC312-AB Minus27315(JP).jpg Minus273.15 Green Ability Card
BTC319-AB The power of fire the technique of water the shield of earth JP.png The Power of Fire, the Technique of Water, the Shield of Earth Green Ability Card
BTC320-AB Final Answer JP.png Final Answer? Green Ability Card
BTC321-AB Acr critical3shoot.jpg Critical 3 Shoot! Red Ability Card
BTC322-AB 125px Fire Order Blue Ability Card
BTC324-AB Btc324acrsaintsmoke.jpg Saint Smoke Red Ability Card
BTC325-AB Btc325acrultrahybrid.jpg Ultra Hybrid Red Ability Card
BTC326-AB Btc326acbclearorder.jpg Clear Order Blue Ability Card
BTC327-AB Btc327acbevilbreakcondition.jpg Evil Break Condition Blue Ability Card
BTC328-AB Btc328acginnocenthammer.jpg Innocent Hammer Green Ability Card
BTC329-AB Btc329acgkingscondition.jpg King's Condition Green Ability Card
BTC330-AB MetalHammer.jpg Metal Hammer Red Ability Card
BTC341-AB G2.png Gravity Return Gate Red Ability Card
BTC357-AB BTC357-AB-out.jpg Reversal Shot Green Ability Card
BTC364-AB BTC364-AB 1121.jpg God Critical Red Ability Card
BTC365-AB BTC365-AB 1121.jpg Silver Wing Blue Ability Card
BTC366-AB BTC366-AB 1121.jpg God Gate Void Green Ability Card
BTC379-AB Btc379ab green.jpg Shadow Triangle Green Ability Card
BTC380-AB Btc380ab red.jpg Outbreak! Two Continuous Shoot Red Ability Card
BTC381-AB Btc381ab blue.jpg Howling! Shadow Sanjushi Blue Ability Card
BTC382-AB Btc382ab red.jpg Battle of Infernal Forces Red Ability Card
BTC383-AB Btc383ab red.jpg Moving Gate Red Ability Card
BTC384-AB Btc384ab green.jpg The Roar to Victory Green Ability Card
BTC387-AB 4979750778612 2.jpg Shoot Refrain Red Ability Card
BTC418-AB 418-AB.png BTC418-AB Red Ability Card
BTC523-AB BTC 523.jpg BTC523-AB Red Ability Card
BTC535-AB Btc535-ab.jpg Go Wheel Red Ability Card
BTC536-AB Btc536-ab.jpg Go Horn Red Ability Card
BTC538-AB Time extension 992 Erickson1.jpg War! Cry Blue Ability Card
BTC539-AB Btc538-ab.jpg Bind! Gaga Garyu! Green Ability Card
BTC540-AB Btc540-ab.jpg Garyu Power 500 Green Ability Card
BTC541-AB Time extension 992 Erickson.jpg Critical! Go Horus! Red Ability Card
BTC666-AB BTC666-AB.jpg BTC666-AB Red Ability Card
BTC667-AB 003-0.JPG Os! 4 Times Shoot! Red Ability Card

Promotional Releases[edit]

Number Image Card Name Color Card Type
BTC0002-AB BTC0002-AB.jpg Critical Barricade Red Ability Card
BTC0004-AB Teambakugan.jpg Team Dragaon Red Ability Card
BTC0006-AB GOLD.jpg Gold Battler Red Ability Card
BTC0007-AB SILVER.jpg Silver Battler Green Ability Card
BTC0008-AB COPPER.jpg Copper Battler Blue Ability Card
BTC0009-AB BTC0009.jpg Champion Road 2011 Blue Ability Card
BTC0010-AB BTC0010.jpg Bonds of Black Metal Red Ability Card
BTC0011-AB SavacParty.jpg Savac Party Green Ability Card
BTC0012-AB Card kuroki.jpg Metal Scar Green Ability Card
BTC0013-AB Tru gw.jpg Victory Road Red Ability Card
BTC0014-AB Aeon gw perfectb.jpg Perfect Battler Green Ability Card
BTC0015-AB Aeon gw standm.jpg Stand Master Red Ability Card
BTC0016-AB Grennokizuna.jpg Bonds of Gren Red Ability Card
BTC0017-AB Zeronokizuna.jpg Bonds of Zero Green Ability Card
BTC0019-AB Ability 01.jpg Poison Drive #925 Red Ability Card
BTC0021-AB Ability 01.jpg Gren Gravity Red Ability Card
BTC0022-AB TripleNovaAttack1.jpg Triple Nova Attack Green Ability Card
BTC0023-AB Btc0023ab blue-out.jpg Blue Out Blue Ability Card