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Kyosuke Marukura

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|image = [[File:KiaMarukuraMarucho's_dad.jpgpng|200px]]|gender = FemaleMale
|race = Human
|status = Alive
|first = [[Bakugan Idol]]|voiced by = [[Atsushi Ono]]}}'''Kia {{nihongo|Kyosuke Marukura|丸蔵 京介|Marukura''' Kyosuke}} is [[Marucho]]'s motherfather. He's a developer and makes millions by bulldozing homes to create vacant space, especially schools. He is a millionaire, and his wife, [[Shuuko Shouko Marukura]]'s wife. ==Appearance==Kia has blue eyes, long pale blonde curly hair, collects things such as art and wears a red dressendangered species. She also He has a necklace on. ==Personality==Kia is shown to be a caring and loving individual. She also seems to be an animal-lover, collecting animals and giving them a home/shelter in their home-installed zoo. She's also quite generous as she willingly gave away an entire collection of expensive jewellery to a thrilled and mesmerized Miyoko (although factory that was partly because it was last year's collection). She loves her son, and is devoted and supportive towards her husband. Like her husband, she wanted her son to be very well educated. creates [[Bakugan]] wrist launchers made especially for the [[MaruchoBakugan Battle Brawlers]] even had after-school tutors, which he didn't actually want to have (he only went to those classes to please his parents as he states son is a part of. He is presumably the episode ''I am Marucho, Hear Me Roar!''). She also approves President and CEO of Marucho's friendships with the Brawlers and is very welcoming towards them[[Marukura Group]].
====[[Bakugan Battle Brawlers]]====
She appears numerous times Kyosuke appeared in many episodes of the first series. He and [[Shouko Marukura|his wife]] wanted their son [[Marucho]] to stop playing around and learn many tough subjects. Marucho did it all to make his parents happy until he started playing [[Bakugan]] and joined the [[Battle Brawlers|Brawlers]]. He appeared again with his wife saying goodbye to Marucho when he and the other Brawlers decided to go to a portal that leads to the center of [[Vestroia]]. ====[[Bakugan : Mechtanium Surge]]====He appeared on a screen near the end of [[A Royale Pain|episode 10]]. He states that he wants [[Marucho]] to quit the [[Battle Brawlers]] alongside her husband, which frantically scares Marucho. In ''[[Back In Sync]]'', he contacts Marucho and tells him to quit the Brawlers. He also knew about [[Dan]] and [[Drago]] leaving, how the Brawlers are falling apart and how [[Shuuko MarukuraBakugan Interspace]]has become more chaotic. It is unknown what she does He originally wanted Marucho to give up brawling and work for the family, but she seems [[Marukura Group]] in order to be a kind and caring individualfix Interspace. She also seems However, when Marucho decides not to be an animal-lover, collecting animals and placing them he accepts Marucho's decision after watching Marucho's victory against [[Jack Punt]], saying how proud he is of his son. He appeared again in their zoo situated episode 20 with Kato when they were trying to find any available access points in her homeBakugan Interspace. She is not fazed by He also appeared to be concerned for Marucho playing again. He reappeared in ''[[Interspace Armageddon]] ''alongside [[Kato]], where he was seen launching the delete program for Bakugan and is not at all bothered by itInterspace. He was later pleased that everybody escaped.'' ''
*Her initials are the reverse of [[Miyoko Kuso]]'s initials.
*She is likely to be younger than her husband, judging from her physical appearance compared to him.
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