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Template documentation (for the template shown above, sometimes hidden or invisible)

How to Use[edit]


Placing {{CharacterTabs}} at the top of a page will automatically show all three main tabs: Main, Biography, and Gallery.

base: The page name that all pages will become a subpage of. The default is the base page name/{{BASENAME}}.
bio: yes/no. Toggle Biography pages. Default: yes
gallery: yes/no. Toggle Gallery pages. Default: yes
active: The name of the (sub)page. Default is the main page. For the appropriate subpages, you MUST list either "bio" or "gallery".


All Tabs[edit]

{{CharacterTabs|base=Dan Kuso}}

  Main   Biography   Gallery    

Main Tab Only[edit]

{{CharacterTabs|base=Dan Kuso|bio=no|gallery=no}}


Main Tab and Gallery, No Bio[edit]

{{CharacterTabs|base=Dan Kuso|bio=no|gallery=yes}}

  Main   Gallery    

All Tabs, Bio active[edit]

{{CharacterTabs|base=Dan Kuso|active=bio}}
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